World Premiere of the All- New Triton One- ton Pickup Truck

  • Deals Starts in Thailand Today, Launch Planned for Japan in Early 2024 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation( henceforth, Mitsubishi Motors) premiered the completely redesigned Triton ¹ one- ton volley truck in Bangkok, Thailand, with deals commencing moment in Thailand. The each-new Triton will be rolled out in requests centering on the ASEAN and Oceania regions and is listed for launch in Japan in early 2024 for the first time in 12 times. Mitsubishi Motors has produced roughly5.6 million volley exchanges gauging five generations over the 45 times since its first launch in 1978. With a record of deals in 150 countries, the volley truck is a global strategic vehicle for Mitsubishi Motors. Now in its sixth generation, the each-new Triton is completely redesigned for the first time in nine times. Grounded on the product conception” Power for Adventure,” all rudiments of the Triton have been fully reimagined, from the innards and surface design to the lattice, graduation frame and machine. The crucial features of the each-new Triton are as described below • A beefed- up body size compared to the former model, a recently developed graduation frame that provides continuity and trustability, and a recently developed machine that achieves both advanced affair and bettered environmental performance • A recently developed suspense that provides excellent lift comfort and steering stability, and Super Select 4WD- II system and upgraded drive modes that achieve high road performance • A frontal face with a strong sense of presence and trustability, a wide and robust styling, and a majestic interior immolation excellent functionality and operability • Significantly bettered safety and comfort for a wide range of purposes, from business to particular use

” As a volley truck that fits for a new period, we’ve developed the each-new Triton with indeed further Mitsubishi Motors- ness,” said Takao Kato, chairman and principal administrative officer, Mitsubishi Motors.” The crucial features of the each-new Triton were simply developed by Mitsubishi Motors, including a robust graduation frame and body, tough lattice, important and motorist-friendly machine and 4WD system that achieves excellent road running and stability. With product eventually anticipated to reach 200,000 vehicles in over 100 countries, the each-new Triton is an extremely important model that will give foundational support for Mitsubishi Motors, as well as the first global strategic vehicle to be rolled out at the launch of our growth phase. Please look forward to our challenges that begin from then.”

Product Overview

The each-new Triton comes in three body types depending on the intended use – a double- hack type with two rows of seats offering both the comfort of an SUV and the mileage of a volley truck, a introductory single- hack type with one row of seats, and a club- hack type with weight space behind the frontal seats that also enables reclining. With a larger body, it has a recently developed2.4 L clean diesel turbo machine that significantly boosts environmental performance and power. The graduation frame, suspense and other main factors have been recently developed uniquely by Mitsubishi Motors, and road performance has been greatly enhanced through features similar as upgraded drive modes and electronically controlled Active Yaw Control( AYC) combined with Super Select 4WD- II system. With the relinquishment of Adaptive Cruise Control( ACC) among other new safety features and exigency support using connected auto technology, safety and comfort has been greatly bettered not only in terms of the truck’s tackle, but also in terms of its software.
Tough graduation frame and high- effectiveness clean diesel machine

The recently developed graduation frame has a 65 lessercross-sectional area than the former model, achieving a bending severity increase of 60 and a torsional severity increase of 40. likewise, weight increase has been minimized by adding the rate of high- tensile sword used. As well as offering significantly better road performance and lift comfort, the each-new Triton also boasts increased robustness by perfecting continuity during lading and energy dissipation in the event of a collision.

The body is also lighter than the former model through the use of a new 1180 MPa high- tensile sword material.

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