XPENG Motors, the Chinese carmaker specializing in electric mobility, announces its arrival on the French market at a special event. On this occasion, the group presented the first two models to be marketed locally, the G9 and the G6. This milestone marks a new chapter in the brand’s international strategy, highlighting its ongoing commitment to offering a new vision of mobility, combining quality and innovation.


XPENG has a DNA resolutely built around technology, which inspires it to think and contribute to the future of mobility. The passion demonstrated by its teams enriches the group’s mission, which is to place the user at the heart of its creative process, in order to offer a simpler, more eco-conscious and enriching travel experience for society as a whole, thanks to technological innovation.

As an “explorer of future mobility”, XPENG boldly transcends technological boundaries, constantly guiding the transformation of travel and striving to offer today’s and tomorrow’s drivers cutting-edge intelligent electric mobility solutions, meeting their needs in terms of comfort and experience as well as performance.

XPENG continues its quest for mobility that combines sustainability with intelligence, with significant advances in autonomous driving, intelligent cabin systems, and ultra-fast charging that is highly competitive by market standards. All these initiatives make XPENG an attractive group for French drivers.

XPENG Motors, a leading Chinese company in the field of intelligent electric vehicles (“Smart EV”), highlights its leading positions in several areas, including smart cabin, smart driving and ultra-fast charging technology.

“We are proud to highlight XPENG’s power of technological innovation, through which we are paving the way for a new era in smart mobility, which we hope will be inclusive and accessible,” said Mr. Shunqiang QIANG, General Manager for XPENG France. “The next decade will be a ‘golden decade for smart vehicles’. The heart of the evolution of smart vehicles lies in the way they work, with the adoption of intelligent automotive software as the new industry standard. Looking to the future, XPENG will be rolling out road tests of functions incorporating artificial intelligence in XPENG models.”


XPENG’s intelligent manufacturing plant in Guangzhou (Canton) comprises a complete vehicle production site (already operational) and facilities for the manufacture of batteries, electric motors and, in the near future, other components. The entire site covers some 310 hectares, for a total investment of over 4.5 billion yuan (approx. 585 million euros). The entire facility covers some 226 hectares, with buildings covering some 230,000 square meters. It comprises four main production workshops: stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. Support facilities include power plants, water treatment plants, waste treatment areas, hazardous waste warehouses, oil storage facilities, parking lots, EWC warehouses, test tracks and quality control centers.

This project follows a “smart and green” design concept, using Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing systems, including an in-house developed digital intelligent MES system, an end-to-end TQM quality management system, and intelligent logistics systems. These systems enable end-to-end data management, from component collection and transportation to production, manufacturing and quality inspection. The welding process is 100% automated, production process management is fully digitized, and quality processes are 100% traceable. The project integrates a 19.6 MW photovoltaic system, creating an intelligent, green factory integrating technology and innovation in manufacturing.


XPENG is a leading technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets intelligent mobility solutions. We explore the diversity of mobility, including electric vehicles (EVs), electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and robotics. We’re focused on creating a mobility future that uses thoughtful, empathetic intelligence to enhance the driving experience.

XPENG is committed to in-house R&D, with almost 40% of our employees working in R&D-related areas helping to develop our expanding product portfolio. The company has created a comprehensive advanced driver assistance system (XPILOT), as well as an intelligent operating system (Xmart OS) for an enhanced in-vehicle experience. XPENG has also developed basic vehicle systems for enhanced driving capabilities, including powertrains and advanced electronic architecture.

XPENG is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with multi-regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and San Diego. In 2021, the company established its European headquarters in Amsterdam, with further dedicated offices in Copenhagen, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm. XPENG electric vehicles are manufactured at the company’s wholly-owned plant in Zhaoqing, China. To further expand our production capacity, two new intelligent electric vehicle manufacturing bases in Guangzhou and Wuhan are currently under construction.

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