2023 Dangerous Goods Symposium to Examine Hazmat Shipping Issues

CHICAGO–( BUSINESS WIRE)– Labelmaster, the leading provider of products, services and technology for the safe and biddable transport of dangerous goods( DG) and dangerous accoutrements ( hazmat), moment blazoned the crucial session motifs for its 18th periodic Dangerous Goods Symposium, in Chicago, September 6- 7, 2023. This periodic event gives force chain and business professionals the occasion to hear from the world’s leading coaches, shippers and controllers about the rearmost trends, updates and stylish practices impacting the DG assiduity.
This time’s event will feature speakers from UPS, General Motors, Emirates, LG Energy results, GEODIS, Bath & Body workshop, the United States Postal Inspection Service( USPIS), the International Air Transport Association( IATA), the Pipeline and Hazardous Accoutrements Safety Administration( PHMSA), and more, agitating transport regulations, lithium battery shipping, e-commerce and hazmat training.

Regulations Representatives from the USPIS, IATA, PHMSA and leading assiduity consultancies will partake in transport regulation updates and how they will impact the global force chain.
Lithium Batteries Shipping and handling lithium batteries are complex and largely regulated. A panel of experts will bandy the rearmost transport rules and packaging norms, how to transport lithium batteries safely and compliantly, and more.
DG Industry Outlook A master class panel of DG assiduity icons will examine the state of the global DG assiduity and where it’s headed. Speakers will bandy where there’s a need for further regulation, the part of data in DG transport and prognostications for 2024 and further.
E-commerce The rise of commerce has brought with it numerous compliance challenges for businesses dispatching DG. This panel of retailers, carriers and logistics providers will examine the challenges and stylish practices for safely and compliantly dispatching goods in the moment’s online retail terrain.
“ Shipping dangerous goods – from scents and drawing results to medical bias and EV batteries – has come decreasingly gruelling due to complex regulations and ongoing force chain issues, ” said Robert Finn, vice chairman, Labelmaster. “ The DG Symposium brings together force chain and business leaders from around the world to hear about the rearmost assiduity issues and changes and explore strategies to ameliorate compliance, increase functional effectiveness and reduce threat within their own associations. ”

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