Soucy Techno Signs Long-Term Supply Agreement with Bolder Diligence

BOULDER, Colo.–( BUSINESS WIRE)– Bolder diligence, Inc. and Soucy Techno blazoned moment the signing of a formal multi-year force agreement for BolderBlack ®, the premier sustainable carbon black volition. This is an extension of a former agreement made between Bolder and Soucy and a result of Bolder’s capability to deliver product quality and thickness numerous times — motioning a major achievement in the recovered carbon black assiduity.
The cooperation between Bolder and Soucy began in 2016 with the aco-development of plastic masterbatch at Soucy’s Sherbrooke- grounded lab. Since also, Soucy has continued to expand the use of BolderBlack in their plastics factors for agrarian and artificial vehicle sectors with a 1,000 increase in volume offtake of BolderBlack over the last 5 times.

“ As is typical, we started small with Soucy to demonstrate our capability to deliver quality products at an exceptional value, ” said Tony Wibbeler, CEO & Author of Bolder Diligence. “ Every time since Soucy has doubled down on their support of Bolder and their commitment to sustainability by adding their volume of BolderBlack. We’re exceptionally proud of our capability to deliver thickness to Soucy order after order, month after month and we look forward to doing so for times to come. ”

Bolder and Soucy have worked collaboratively on product development and the logistics needed to deliver true sustainability to Soucy’s end guests. As a result, Soucy’s use of BolderBlack has redounded in over1.5 a million end-of-life tires being diverted from incineration or tips
, cutting 39,000 tons of CO2 emigrations, and saving over 117.5 million gallons of water and 13 million kWh of electricity since the commencement of their work with Bolder.

” Continuing to use BolderBlack has been an easy choice for Soucy Techno. Beyond the sustainability, cost savings and ease of working with Bolder diligence, we’ve enjoyed the harmonious performance of the material month after month. We do not have to worry about changes in carbon content, bulk viscosity or flyspeck size, which are crucial to our process and product performance, ” said François Bédard, Director General of Soucy Techno.

presently, Bolder inventories Soucy from their first point in Maryville, which processes nearly 2 million end-of-life tires( ELTs) annually. In 2023, Bolder will begin development of their alternate installation in Terre Haute, Indiana which will reuse 6.6 million ELTs per time once completely functional.

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