AEye Announces In-Cabin Lidar That Maximizes Both Performance and Vehicle Design

a global leader in adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, today announced 4Sight™ Flex – its ultra-compact, high-performance reference design for automotive. 4Sight Flex delivers unparalleled performance in a small, energy-efficient, low-cost form factor, enabling the next wave of L2+, L3, and L4 autonomy and safety features that can be integrated in-cabin.

For more than 150 years, car brands have focused on the look, feel, and efficiency of their vehicles, with design as a key brand differentiator. AEye’s 4Sight Flex optimizes for various integration scenarios, including the windshield and roof, allowing OEMs to deliver maximum safety to customers while preserving the aesthetic appeal of their cars.

“We believe that performance and design both matter and that both are important to driving lidar adoption with OEMs,” said Matt Fisch, CEO of AEye. “Our customers and partners want options that go beyond yesterday’s large antennas and today’s sensors protruding outside the vehicle. With 4Sight Flex, AEye is delivering what the market demands – exceptional lidar performance together with the option for a more integrated design in the OEMs’ location of choice.”

Superior Behind-the-Windshield Performance

AEye’s next-generation 4Sight Flex reference design delivers superior behind-the-windshield performance and is believed to be the only 1550 nanometer(nm) high-performance lidar capable of in-cabin integration. It boasts a 120° horizontal (H) x 30° vertical (V) field of view, with ultra-high resolution of up to 0.05° x 0.05° and long-range detection of up to 275 meters at 10% reflectivity, all at approximately half the size and up to 40% lower power consumption compared to AEye’s first-generation design.

Low-Cost, Low-Risk Solution

4Sight Flex also offers what AEye believes to be the lowest technical risk solution at one of the lowest volume costs in the industry. As AEye scales production for automotive volumes, it anticipates an additional 10-20% component cost reduction compared to the current generation, making this design very cost-competitive in the industry.

4Sight Flex leverages proven IP and qualified vendors from AEye’s first-generation 4Sight automotive reference design. By maximizing the re-use of automotive-qualified components, AEye reduces customer risk while producing significant cost savings as volumes ramp.

Software-Defined Lidar

AEye’s 4Sight Flex takes advantage of the 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform, allowing for highly programmable lidar performance that meets the performance requirements of all driving environments – highway, urban, and suburban. 4Sight Flex can also be reconfigured through software, allowing OEMs to push new capabilities to the lidar sensors via over-the-air updates. 4Sight Flex will be available in 2024.

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