Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces Automotive Grade 80V and 100V MOSFETs in TO- Leadless Packaging Technology fore-Mobility

AOS)( Nasdaq AOSL), a developer, inventor, and global supplier of a broad range of separate power bias, wide band gap power bias, power operation ICs, and modules, moment blazoned the release of its state- of- the- art automotive TO- Leadless( Risk) package for the company’s automotive grade 80V and 100V MOSFETs. AOS’s Risk package is developed to optimize the company’s power semiconductors as essential factors in the elaboration ofe-mobility similar as 2- and 3- wheel and other light vehicles. This new package helps contrivers meet the ongoing trend to electrify vehicles with the rearmost battery technology to meet clean energy zero- emigration pretensions. These capabilities make AOS 80V and 100V MOSFETs immaculately suited for automotive BLDC motor and battery operation operations fore-mobility.
The AOS automotive Risk package is designed to achieve the loftiest current capability using AOS’s innovative approach which utilizes advanced clip technology to achieve a high in- rush current standing. In addition, AOS Risk packaging with clip technology offers a veritably low package resistance and inductance, enabling bettered EMI performance compared to other Risk packages exercising standard line- relating technology. With the combination of low ohmic and high current capability, exercising AOS Risk packaging also allows contrivers to reduce the number of resemblant MOSFETs in high current operations. This, in turn, helps to enable advanced power viscosity conditions without compromising trustability in operations where robustness and trustability are crucial design objects.

furnishing a more compact result for space- constrained designs, the AOTL66810Q( 80V) and AOTL66912Q( 100V) have a 30 percent lower footmark compared to a TO- 263( D2PAK) package. These new bias in Risk packaging are good to AEC- Q101, PPAP able, and are manufactured in IATF 16949 pukka installations making them immaculately suited for demanding operation conditions ine-mobility. AOS Risk bias are also compatible with automated optic examination( AOI) manufacturing conditions.

“ Using the AOS Automotive Risk package with clip technology offers significant performance advancements in a robust package. The advanced technologies in our AOTL66810Q and AOTL66912Q MOSFETs will help simplify new designs allowing them to reduce the number of bias in parallel while furnishing the necessary advanced current capability to enable overall system cost savings, ” said PeterH. Wilson, Marketing Sr. Director of MOSFET product line at AOS.

Specialized Highlights

Part Number


VGS( ± V)

nonstop Drain
Current( A)

palpitated Drain
Current( A)

RDS( ON) Max( mOhms)

25 °C

100 °C

25 °C













Pricing and Vacuity

The AOTL66810Q and AOTL66912Q MOSFETs are incontinently available in product amounts with a lead time of 14- 16 weeks. The unit prices in 1,000- piece amounts are$4.3 and$4.56, independently.

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