Yamaha Motor New Hydrogen Energy Verification Testing Facility to be Established at Morimachi Factory

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) has announced plans to establish a cutting-edge verification testing facility at its Morimachi Factory in Shizuoka Prefecture. This facility will feature a melting furnace and heat treatment furnace utilizing hydrogen gas technology.

Starting in 2025, Yamaha Motor will commence the development and verification of technologies for melting aluminum alloy using hydrogen gas. This initiative also encompasses comprehensive testing of requisite facilities and equipment. By the end of 2026, the company aims to finalize the development of these technologies for melting aluminum alloy and heat-treating cast parts using hydrogen gas. Implementation is scheduled to begin gradually at both domestic and international casting factories from 2027 onwards.

This move underscores Yamaha Motor’s commitment to reducing Scope 1 CO2 emissions throughout the life cycles of its products. Currently, the thermal energy required for melting aluminum alloys in the manufacture of cast parts relies on natural gas and other fossil fuels. After evaluating various alternatives, Yamaha Motor determined that hydrogen energy offers a promising avenue for emission reduction, particularly in Scope 3 emissions.

The verification testing phase will focus on evaluating the impact of hydrogen gas on product quality and developing precise temperature control techniques using hydrogen burners. Additionally, Yamaha Motor is exploring the integration of equipment for producing green hydrogen and methanation equipment, in collaboration with Shizuoka University. This initiative aims to produce e-methane without external heat sources, contributing further to sustainability efforts.

Aligned with its Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050, Yamaha Motor is committed to achieving carbon neutrality across its supply chains by 2050. Accelerated plans are in place to attain carbon neutrality at manufacturing sites, including group companies, by 2035. The company remains dedicated to advancing these goals through ongoing innovation and technological development.

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