Another Exciting Flag-off of ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota’ – The Fourth Zonal Drive Starts in the Eastern Region of India

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today announced its east zonal flag-off of the ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota,’ bring the fourth exhilarating drive in a series of adventurous off-road journeys across India. This captivating event promises an unforgettable experience, uniting off-roading enthusiasts in the picturesque landscape of Ajodhya Hill Top, Purulia, West Bengal, from October 13th to 15th, 2023. The first of this expedition commenced in May 2023, with successful drives held in the Southern, Western, and Northern regions of India. Each of these drives offered the 4X4 fans, specially curated 4-wheel drive experience across many magnificent landscapes of the country. Further, expanding upon the triumph of its earlier regional expeditions of ‘Great 4×4 Expedition by Toyota’, this initiative stands as a reaffirmation of the company’s dedication in delivering awesome experiences to the 4×4 SUV community, igniting their passion for adventure, and championing the ethos of bringing ‘Mass Happiness’ and providing ‘Mobility for All’.

This exhilarating event features a convoy of remarkable 4-wheel drive (4WD) SUVs, including Toyota’s admired models – Hilux, LC300, Fortuner, and Hyryder AWD (All Wheel Drive). The owners of SUVs from other brands are also taking part in the fun-filled & adventurous drive of Toyota, fostering a spirit of thrilling off-roading experience.

The adventure began today, at the luxurious Kushal Palli Resorts, which is expected to navigate 4X4 enthusiasts through many challenging terrains, putting the extraordinary capabilities of the 4X4 vehicles on full display. One of the unique features of this expedition is the thoughtfully crafted 4WD trail at Lahariya, featuring natural obstacles such as articulation, side inclines, rugged sections, deep ditches, muddy terrain, and rocky beds. These meticulously designed tracks promise an unparalleled off-roading adventure, highlighting the exceptional versatility of the 4X4 vehicles.

Emphasizing Toyota’s safety-first approach, comprehensive safety protocols are put in place throughout the expedition, wherein experienced 4X4 professionals will closely guide all participants, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey. Beyond the adrenaline-pumping adventure, this expedition emphasizes a meaningful eco-activity, aligning with Toyota’s commitment towards environment protection and reducing carbon footprints. The participants will actively contribute to making a positive impact on the environment through a clean-up drive as well as virtual tree plantation in collaboration with Sankalp Taru, an esteemed environmental preservation initiative, at one of the identified locations. To elaborate every 4X4 participants will actively contribute towards to a tree plantation virtually, wherein Sankalp Taru will plant the saplings & maintain them, on behalf of the participants.

Speaking on the fourth edition of the ‘Great 4×4 Expedition by Toyota’, Mr. Atul Sood, Vice President – Sales and Strategic Marketing – Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, “With the wholesome spirit of adventure and exploration, we have embarked on the East Zonal ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota’ being the fourth leg, post the huge success of the last three series of this 4×4 experiential drive that concluded in South, West and North regions respectively. These remarkable journeys serve as a testament to Toyota’s focus to ignite the fervour for adventure amongst the 4X4 SUV community & deliver exhilarating experiences. With each ‘Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota,’ we continue to broaden our connect with those individuals who are passionate about 4×4 SUVs, by engaging them in extreme off-roading drives, irrespective of the 4X4 vehicle brands they own. Needless to mention, the off-roading drives are being conducted under the expert supervision of 4X4 specialists with necessary safety protocols in place, ensuring that participants could enjoy the thrills while being secure.

As we navigate this expedition, we aim to inspire individuals not only to explore their desire for motorsports but also to forge lasting connections and strengthen their commitment towards nature conservation through eco-activities such as clean-up drive and tree plantation. We are happy that every participant will have an opportunity to contribute to the environment through planting of saplings via Sankalp Taru.”

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