Automobili Pininfarina Shines at Bruce Wayne-Inspired Luxury Residence in Gotham City

A luxury townhouse inspired by fictional Gotham City billionaire Bruce Wayne has opened its doors, showcasing the Automobili Pininfarina Battista hyper GT at the center of a world-class exhibition of curated luxury and tech products. This exhibit aims to reflect the opulent lifestyle of Gotham’s renowned philanthropic resident.

This exclusive opportunity to explore the sophisticated bachelor pad of Bruce Wayne, the civilian persona of DC’s ‘Dark Knight’, Batman, is part of the invitation-only ‘Wayne Enterprises Experience’ immersive event, currently taking place in downtown Manhattan, New York.

Hosted within a lavish seven-story townhouse on West 17th Avenue, the event is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Relevance International. Each product on display has been meticulously chosen to epitomize the lifestyle of Bruce Wayne and spans the latest in personal mobility, fashion, technology, and jewelry.

Among the items on display are four specially crafted versions of the all-electric Battista and B95 hyper Barchetta, available for purchase. These unique ‘Gotham’ and ‘Dark Knight’ variants, unveiled on April 30th, are limited to one of each model. Full details and reservation opportunities can be found at

The Wayne Enterprises Experience coincides with DC’s celebrations of 85 years of the Batman franchise, paying tribute to one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Every element of the experience draws inspiration from Bruce Wayne, with guests being guided by Gotham City residents Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox.

Paolo Dellachà, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, remarked, “Automobili Pininfarina and Bruce Wayne is the perfect partnership. Bruce Wayne is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to technological progress, and we have created bespoke versions of the Battista and B95 that cater to his exclusive tastes and needs. These are cars he would undoubtedly have in his Gotham City garage.”

Paolo further added, “This ultra-exclusive event introduces Automobili Pininfarina’s design-focused world to a new audience, offering a unique chance to see our hypercar, purchase one of the four bespoke models, and learn about our brand’s future.”

Automobili Pininfarina has crafted two exclusive versions of the B95 hyper Barchetta and Battista hyper GT, named ‘Gotham’ and ‘Dark Knight’, each featuring unique specifications. These electric vehicles, powered by a 120kWh lithium-ion battery and four motors, generate 1,900hp, enabling acceleration from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in less than two seconds – faster than a Formula 1 car.

Engineered and designed in Cambiano, Italy, these models include Wayne Enterprises-inspired features such as navigation voiced by Alfred Pennyworth and a customized infotainment welcome sequence displaying the Wayne Enterprises logo.

The designs reflect Wayne Enterprises’ innovation and Bruce Wayne’s personality. The Battista models boast performance-enhancing aerodynamic features, including tailgate shark fins and louvre-style openings in the carbon fiber wings. For the first time, the Battista includes panoramic glass roofs for both driver and passenger and bespoke ambient lighting, along with unique Wayne Enterprises logos on the exterior and interior.

Gotham Specification Details:
This design mirrors Bruce Wayne’s civilian sophistication. Both the B95 and Battista feature tan leather upholstery with bespoke quilting. The Gotham Battista’s bodywork showcases Argento Vittorio gloss paint and a Nero Torino Goccia gloss roof, complemented by 20-inch front and 21-inch rear alloy wheels in a gloss black finish. The Gotham B95’s wheels feature a matt black inner and gloss black outer ring, with Titan calipers and a brushed aluminum center lock ring.

Dark Knight Specification Details:
Reflecting Bruce Wayne’s technological edge in his fight against crime, these vehicles have black Alcantara and leather upholstery with black and gold stitching. The Dark Knight Battista’s bodywork is finished in Nero Profondo gloss paint with a Nero Torino Goccia roof and ceramic-polished rims. The Dark Knight B95 matches this exterior and also features ceramic-polished rims.

Every detail in these models, from the subtle use of the Wayne Enterprises logo to customized seat embroidery and Alfred Pennyworth-inspired voice features, embodies Bruce Wayne’s persona and his pursuit of innovation.

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