Bird Renews City Permits for Micromobility Operation

In Italy, Bird has renewed and expanded its operation in the city of Rome, doubling its fleet size to 4,000 scooters. The company also recently extended its operational permit for 750 scooters in Turin. Across France, Bird renewed its permits in multiple cities including Agen, Bastia, Blois, Gap, La Roche sur Yon, and Vichy. In Spain, Bird extended its operations in Málaga with 1,000 scooters in the market.

“We are excited to renew our operations and continue to serve a diverse range of communities across Europe,” said Renaud Fages, Chief Mobility Officer, Bird. “By providing sustainable and convenient transportation solutions, we are able to support European cities in their efforts to reduce automobile dependence, ease traffic and reduce carbon emissions. We are actively working with local community stakeholders to ensure continued smooth connectivity of our services and where possible, integrate our newest models of micro-electric vehicles equipped with the latest safety and sustainability features.”

These renewals come on the heels of Bird doubling its fleet size in Vienna, Austria, where it increased its operational area by 250% and population served by 120%. Following a rigorous review process by the City of Vienna, Bird was selected on the basis of its mobility concept, which places a special focus on safety, sustainability and technical innovation.

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