Leeward Renewable Energy AnnouncesMulti-Year backing of University of Michigan Solar Car TeamLeeward Renewable Energy( LRE),

“ We’re agitated and proud to finance the Solar Car Team in pushing the bounds of transformative vehicle technology, and we explosively support programs that cultivate invention and imagination to produce the coming generation of leaders in renewable energy, ” said John Wieland, Chief Development Officer at LRE. “The Solar Car Team is one of the most successful solar auto racing brigades in the world. LRE is fete to support the platoon and help enable their continued growth and education. ”

“ By partnering with LRE, we strive to work together to marshal in the coming generation of leaders and originators in clean energy, ” said Adam Jankelowitz, Business Director of the Solar Car Team. “ We’re agitated to unite with LRE to ameliorate our competitiveness as a platoon and strengthen our commitment to the nation’s transition to sustainable energy sources. Together, we hope to push the boundaries of renewable energy and produce a further sustainable future for all. ”

LRE is executing its vision to harness renewable energy to power our world by developing, constructing, retaining, and operating mileage-scale renewable energy systems, including wind, solar, and energy storehouse installations. The company provides acclimatized and sustainable results to advance the energy transition in theU.S. while conserving and guarding the terrain, prioritizing safety, and contributing meaningfully to the communities where LRE operates.

The Solar Car Team has been designing and contending America’s stylish solar vehicles on public and transnational competition circuits since 1989. The platoon is a pupil-run association of over 150 undergraduates and postgraduates and has won nine National Crowns, and one International Championship, and finished in the top three in worldwide competitions seven times. For 2023, the U-M Solar Car Team concentrated on incorporating new manufacturing and assembly procedures to optimize performance.

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