BYD Ascends toNo. 212 on the 2023 Fortune Global 500

Shenzhen, China- BYD ranked. 212 on the 2023 Fortune Global 500 list blazoned moment. The global green technology leader has mounted 224 positions compared to last time, making it the swift- growing Chinese company on the list.
BYD reported an periodic profit of RMB424.061 billion in 2022, a time- on- time increase of96.2, with all major functional pointers reaching unknown highs. Total deals of BYD’s new energy vehicles( NEVs) in 2022 amounted to over1.86 million, solidifying the company’s position as the world’s leading NEV manufacturer. From January to July of 2023, BYD achieved a accretive deals volume of1.5 million units, which includes 92,469 units vended overseas. This overseas deals figure surpassed the total overseas deals for the wholeness of 2022. As of July 2023, BYD has vended over new energy vehicles encyclopedically.

Over its 28- time history, BYD has grown into a transnational high- tech pot gauging four major diligence, videlicet electronics, automotive, new energy, and rail conveyance. As a global leader in new energy, BYD keeps driving technological advancement with a technology- grounded, invention- acquainted commercial gospel. In 2022, BYD’s R&D expenditure exceeded RMB 20 billion, marking a90.31 increase time- on- time. As of July 2023, BYD, bolstered by a robust platoon of over 90,000 R&D labor force, has showcased its innovative prowess by applying for further than 40,000 patents encyclopedically with over 28,000 blessing.

In the automotive field, with pioneering technologies like Blade Battery, DM- i super cold-blooded system,e-Platform3.0, CTB Technology, e4 platform, and the DiSus intelligent body control system, BYD has erected comprehensive technology results, situating itself at the van of the global green mobility elaboration.

BYD is laboriously extending its global reach. In 2010, BYD introduced a strategy for public conveyance electrification, latterly launching its new energy motorcars and hacks encyclopedically. After a decade of active sweats in overseas requests, BYD’s operations, stressed by its electric public transport, have expanded to over 400 metropolises across further than 70 countries and regions around the world.

Meanwhile, BYD’s new energy passenger vehicles have entered further than 54 countries and regions, including Japan, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. specially, BYD ATTO 3 has made a significant impact, getting the best- dealing NEVs in Thailand, Israel, and Singapore for several successive months. In July 2023, BYD blazoned its plans to establish three brand-new manufactories in Brazil, situating itself as a driving force in the global new energy assiduity, thanks to its comprehensive force chain advantages.

Embracing the new energy surge, BYD remains loyal in its commitment to its Cool the Earth by 1 °C action. Under this vision, BYD will persist in easing the progress of the global new energy assiduity and accelerating the transition towards a greener future.

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