Words Jason Barlow- Video Rowan Jacobs/ Ollie McIntyre

The first electric Ferrari will be embedded in our racing heritage and will draw from a broader specialized force while conserving all its authenticity and thickness, ” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vina has verified. “ And I’ve been happy to add my own technology knowledge, experience and network to the truly emotional work of the platoon, since the day I arrived. ”

Ferrari is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030, and while it remains married to internal combustion, a major pivot to electrification is under way. By 2026, roughly 60 per cent of Ferrari’s deals will be resolve between completely electric and cold-blooded buses . Indeed, a new structure is presently under construction, a purpose- erected installation that will substantially be responsible for manufacturing electric motors, battery packs and power inverters.
And when it comes to electrification, Ferrari is staying true to its racing heritage- fastening on weight saving, performance and a unique driving experience, thanks to a process that will see handwrought battery modules integrated into the lattice of buses on the product lines in Maranello.

Ferrari is also notorious for the palpitating sound of its machines. Electric powertrains are largely silent and smooth in operation, which suits utmost automotive operations. But super sports buses are rested on lesser emotion and a satisfying – and organic soundtrack – is vital.

This has been the lifeblood of Ferrari since the veritably first auto rolled through the plant gates in 1947. So, Ferrari’s masterminds are presently working on ‘ sound autographs ’ for its electric vehicles that will stir feelings and rival that famously produced by its combustion machines. Pretense isn’t part of the Ferrari modus operandi. At Marinelli, they like to keep effects real.

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