ChargePoint Accelerates Fleet Electrification with New Suite of Management Applications

A leading provider of networked solutions for charging electric vehicles (EVs), today announced the expansion of its fleet management product line. A new suite of software solutions is available for both mixed fuel and all-electric fleets to streamline their operations as well as lower their total cost of ownership, easing the transition to electric mobility.

The fleet application suite is designed to simplify the management of both all-electric and mixed-fuel fleets. The platform has three core software solutions: charging station management, vehicle telematics, and mobility services such as over the road session reimbursement and roaming. These deliver end-to-end capabilities for fleet managers, help lower cost of ownership, drive higher uptime and performance, and can be implemented as a complete package or as individual solutions.

“We understand the concern fleet operators have over the investment needed to transition fleets from liquid fuel to electric, including the cost of the infrastructure needed to charge EVs,” said Michael Hughes, Chief Revenue Officer at ChargePoint. “By bringing a wide scope of fleet management applications under one platform, we are helping fleet operators identify and realize significant savings to their total cost of ownership. This software gives them better control over and visibility into their fleet operations, as well as the ability to decrease operating expenses over the ownership cycle.”

ChargePoint’s fleet software platform is designed to work with a broad array of charging station manufacturers and any electric vehicle. The platform’s comprehensive suite of features enables fleet managers to do the following:

  • Automate schedules to ensure charging occurs at the lowest electricity rates
  • Optimize route readiness
  • Gain insights by location
  • Have site-level visibility which ensures operational readiness
  • Track metrics for ESG goals
  • Gain real-time alerts to maximize charging station uptime
  • Maximize EV fuel savings with advanced energy management tools

With open API and developer partnerships, ChargePoint’s fleet management suite can fully integrate with the tools fleet operators already use to run their operations such as 3rd party telematics, route planning, dispatch and maintenance systems.

The suite’s native telematics capabilities are purpose-built for electric vehicles and their chargers. This enables fleet operators to access deeper performance insights which optimize battery health, vehicle state of charge, and the performance of their electric fleet. With ChargePoint, fleet managers can benefit from EV-specific features such as critical data captured by EV charging stations and vehicles, real-time visibility into vehicle location, and battery telematics that can proactively detect issues at an early stage.

For fleet operators that have over the road charging needs, the platform enables them to manage charging activities no matter where their drivers need to go — at work, on-route or at home — with seamless mobile integration. This integration can occur on the ChargePoint mobile app, or another mobile application via ChargePoint APIs. Drivers across North America and Europe have on-the-go access to more than 750,000 charging ports on the ChargePoint network and can even manage payment through integrations with fuel card providers. For take-home fleets, the platform enables reimbursement of electricity dispensed at home.

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