Faraday Future Announces that the “Electrified King of Nürburgring” and World Champion Race Car Driver Romain Dumas Joins the Newly Formed “FF All Hyper Racing” Team

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIE) (“Faraday Future”, “FF” or “Company”), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced that the Company wrapped up a successful track event this week at Willow Springs International Raceway. The FF 91 2.0 set a new track record time in its class, previously recorded by a Lamborghini Urus, with a time of 1:28.130. This marks a seven-second improvement over the prior four months, demonstrating that the recent Co-Creation alliance and development is paying off from a performance and dynamic standpoint.

The Company also announced that Romain Dumas, “Electrified King of Nürburgring” and two-time Le Mans 24-hours winner, has joined FF’s “All Hyper Global Racetrack Conqueror Plan” and the newly formed “FF All Hyper Racing” team. He will assume a crucial role in technology development, engineering enhancement, and product development and testing.

The “FF vs. Hypercars Challenge” was a highlight of the “FF Racetrack Co-Creation Day” at Willow Springs Raceway, where FF orchestrated an epic showdown between the FF 91 2.0 and a lineup of formidable hypercar competitors, ultimately crowning the FF 91 2.0 as the victor when considering the overall lap times of all the participants.

In addition, the Company delivered an FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to Justin Bell, a Le Mans World Champion and renowned racing host.

“This week’s activities at Willow Springs showcased the already proven performance capabilities of the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance, and we also saw the delivery of one of the vehicles to a world champion race car driver,” said Matthias Aydt, Global CEO of FF. “With the Company’s ‘FF All Hyper Racing’ team now established, we look forward to seeing what additional improvements will be possible with this fabulous team of passionate enthusiasts with a very long history in racing.”

“We witnessed the establishment of ‘FF All Hyper Racing’ team that will be comprised of six distinguished groups: world champion racers, leading automotive engineering experts, top AI scientists, leaders of premier automotive modification shops, celebrities, and the FF team,” said YT Jia, FF’s Founder & CPUO. “Together, they will collaborate with FF to drive continuous enhancements in the ‘FF aiHyper 6X4 Architecture 2.0’ and the ‘All-Ability aiHypercar,’ leading technology improvements in Propulsion Hyper, Handling Hyper, and AI Hyper capabilities. FF will conquer the world’s most famous racetracks one by one including the Nürburgring Nordschleife.”

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