EVgo and General Motors Open 1,000 th DC Fast Charging Cube as Part of Metropolitan Charging Collaboration

EVgoInc.( NASDAQ EVGO)( “ EVgo ” or the “ Company ”), one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for electric vehicles( EVs), and General Motors( GM) have surpassed 1,000 fast charging booths as part of their longstanding collaboration to expand fast charging structure. First blazoned in 2020 and expanded upon in 2021, the collaboration will lead to the development and installation of 3,250 DC presto charging booths in major metro requests.
To date, Ego and GM have opened presto charging booths across nearly 230 locales in 39 requests covering 27 countries, with the maturity featuring high- power 350kW fast charging. Ego and GM are working together to broaden access to public charging where EV motorists formerly spend time, similar as grocery stores, retail centers and megacity centers, while also serving the need for guests who are unfit to charge at home or work, similar as renters and those living in multifamily residences.

“ The vacuity of fast charging structure is crucial to wide EV relinquishment and consumer confidence in all- electric transportation. That’s why we ’re working with GM to make accessible and dependable fast charging stations across the country to serve current and unborn EV motorists, ” said Cathy Zoi, CEO at EVgo. “ moment, we ’ve hit a major corner in our common sweats to exhilarate the transportation sector and we look forward to further expanding our charging footmark with GM in the coming times to realize our vision of Electric for All. ”

EVgo is one of GM’s favored EV charge point drivers within its holistic Ultium Charge 360 action. Beyond uniting to expand public charging access, EVgo and GM are also working together to further ameliorate trustability and enhance client experience through a comprehensive action- acquainted plan, including enhanced health checks across the network and client education through GM’s dealer network to help new EV buyers navigate public charging for the first time. The companies also helped to launch Plug and Charge in 2022, a point that allows motorists to start a session simply by plugging in, no fresh payment authentication demanded.

“ As GM advances its vision of an each- electric future, it’s imperative we expand public charging structure to round the rapid-fire expansion of our advance EV portfolio. Together, these two sweats are making ‘ EVs for everybody ’ a reality, ” says Hoss Hassani, GM Vice President of Charging and Energy. “ This corner with EVgo underscores our commitment to supporting further guests as they switch to an EV life, by expanding access to accessible charging far and wide. ”

EV relinquishment is accelerating in Illinois, where legislation passed in 2021 established a thing of reaching 1 million registered EVs by 2030, and created new vehicle and charging structure impulses to be administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency( IEPA).1 In addition to the IEPA programs, Illinois will spend$ 148 million installing EV charging stations along interstate corridors over the coming five times as part of the National Electric Vehicle structure( NEVI) Formula Program, supporting the expansion of public charging that will be demanded as further motorists in the Midwest make the switch to electric.

A strip slice form to celebrate the 1,000 th cube was held in Woodridge, Illinois, a exurb of Chicago, at the lately completed charging station at the Woodgrove Festival Shopping Mall. The station is in a high retail position within a short drive of Interstates 55 and 355. The event featured a distinguished lineup of speakers including GM Director of EV structure Deployment, Alex Keros; GM Vice President of Charging and Energy, Hoss Hassani; EVgo Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, Francine Sullivan; EVgo Senior Vice President of Program Deployment, Marcy Bauer; ComEd Vice President of Strategy, Energy Policy and Revenue enterprise, Scott Vogt; and Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission, Doug Scott.

For further information about the EVgo presto charging network and station locales, visitwww.evgo.com.

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