Iteris Expands Midwest Presence with Two Contracts for Regional Smart Mobility enterprise

the world’s trusted technology ecosystem for smart mobility structure operation, moment blazoned that it has been awarded contracts for smart mobility, safety and sustainability systems by two agencies in the Midwest Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization( IMPO) anomiid-America Regional Council( MARC). These systems represent expanded Midwest operations due to continued demand in the region.
Under the terms of the first contract with IMPO, Tiers will modernize the Indianapolis ITS Architecture to reflect current ITS systems and services handed in the Indianapolis region. The design will include stakeholder engagement to identify the current and planned rudiments and give streamlined armature content. In addition, Iteris will give an analysis of indigenous transportation operations and the eventuality of a Transportation Systems Management and Operations( TSM&O) Program.

Under the alternate contract with MARC, Tiers will give business engineering and signal timing services for the Operation Green Light Program, an trouble to ameliorate the operation of business signals on major routes throughout 27 agencies in the Kansas City area. This two- time agreement involves relating innovative business signal retiming ways to ameliorate safety and mobility, reducing stops and business traffic, and adding sustainability. Through minimizing detainments and stops on crucial corridors, Operation Green Light will help reduce emigrations that contribute to ground- position ozone, which is the Kansas City area’s main air contaminant.

“ Iteris is agitated to expand our presence in the Midwest with these new systems, ” said Cliff Heise, indigenous vice chairman, mobility professional services at Iteris. “ We’re pleased to apply our expansive ITS armature and signal timing moxie to help both the Indianapolis and Kansas City areas increase the safety, effectiveness and sustainability of their transportation networks.

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