FanttikColors the Season of Fall with its V9 Handheld Vacuum, X8 Ace Bicycle Pump, and the NB8 Nano Pressure Washer

Now that leaves have started to bloom vivid colors, it is the perfect time to go outdoors, and the multiple award-winning automotive and household brand – Fanttik has launched an array of gadgets to be the perfect companion for the loveliest season. With the introduction of the V9 Handheld Vacuum, the X8 Ace Bicycle Pump, and the NB8 Nano Pressure Washer – venturing into the unknown and relaxing in an impeccably clean house is easier than ever. With a longstanding record of successful innovation in the inflation and cleaning domain, Fanttik is proud to announce the new products for you to embrace this Fall.

V9 Handheld Vacuum – the Immaculate Companion: Innovation meets convenience with the experience of spotless cleaning with the V9 Handheld Vacuum. Boasting Fanttik’s innovative air cyclone system powered by brushless motor, this vacuum harmonizes high performance with remarkably low noise, ensuring a peaceful cleaning environment. With a robust 45AW/15kPa suction capability in max mode, it effortlessly captures dust and allergens, leaving any space genuinely pristine. It offers two versatile modes to cater to diverse indoor and outdoor cleaning needs, granting a remarkable 13 minutes of high-grade cleaning power or an extended 30-minute runtime in ECO mode. Weighing a mere 2.24 lbs., this vacuum combines lightweight portability with a sleek, ergonomic design for fatigue-free use. The hassle-free one-click debris disposal and spill-preventing innovative buckle lock ensure effortless maintenance. Reusable, washable filters and a spacious 600ml dustbin further amplify uninterrupted cleaning. Furthermore, users stay informed with the LED display showcasing power, gears, charge status, and dust levels. Moreover, charging is a breeze with the USB-C port, attaining full charge in just 3.5-4 hours and offering the flexibility to recharge wherever you go. Thus, users can elevate their cleaning experience with the V9 Handheld Vacuum – where quiet prowess and functionality unite for a spotless abode.

X8 Ace -The Playfully Versatile Bicycle Tire Pump: Fanttik brings an immersive outdoor experience amidst the current splendid weather. Outdoor enthusiasts and parents will be enticed to embrace the seasonal transition through the X8 Ace Bicycle Tire Pump. This pump harmoniously combines efficiency and the spirit of adventure, seamlessly aligning with the gradual shift from summer’s warmth to the allure of Fall. Guided by the rallying motto “Pump for your Pedal to the Metal,” the compact dimensions of 4.33 x 3.35 x 1.77 inches enable effortless accommodation within bike bags and convenient attachment to backpack zippers via its premium lanyard. Exclusively tailored for bicycles, its impressive 17L/min pumping rate translates to reduced inflation time and prolonged moments on the road, enabling users to fully immerse themselves in the evolving landscape. As the scenery transforms, be prepared for an uninterrupted journey with the nifty X8 Ace Bicycle Tire Pump.

The Cleaning Powerhouse – Fanttik NB8 Nano Pressure Washer: Reserving the pinnacle of excitement for the finale, Fanttik is delighted to introduce the NB8 Nano Pressure Washer to discerning consumers – the quintessential ally for spotlessly clean gardens, patios, terraces, and residences from the vibrant zenith of summer to the inviting embrace of Fall. This season marks a perfect juncture to reconnect with the outdoors and refurbish living spaces, and the NB8 Nano Pressure Washer is poised to assist in this endeavor fully. Sporting an ultra-high security built-in lithium battery, an IPX5 waterproof rating, and a detachable 8L water tank, this innovation liberates users from the shackles of water and power constraints. Its ingenious design removes the need for power outlets, rendering it particularly suited for cleaning townhouse terraces, apartments, and dynamic cleaning scenarios like camping or rejuvenating bicycle chains and tires. Its compact dimensions of 12.46 x 8.54 x 10.63 inches ensure effortless lifting and portability. As the tapestry of seasons shifts, the NB8 Nano Pressure Washer emerges as the stalwart companion, dedicated to ensuring that spaces resonate with vibrance, whether for outdoor gatherings or the snug moments in the beautiful weather.

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