FF to Unveil US-China Auto Bridge Strategy Soon, Secures Nasdaq Grant

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIE), known as FF, unveiled its upcoming “US-China Automotive Industry Bridge Strategy,” set to be disclosed within the next month or two. This strategic blueprint, encompassing a phase 1 approach, aims to fortify the connection between the American and Chinese automotive sectors.

During the recent earnings call, FF’s management outlined the pivotal achievements of 2023 and outlined the trajectory for business expansion in 2024.

The “US-China Automotive Industry Bridge Strategy” entails a return to FF’s previous two-brand model, facilitating a clearer segmentation of market offerings. This realignment will enable the incorporation of FF’s advanced “Ultimate AI TechLuxury” solutions and I.A.I technology features into more accessible mass-market vehicle segments.

Embracing a dual-home-market strategy, FF seeks to amalgamate the strengths of the US and Chinese automotive industries and their respective supply chains. Preliminary discussions with global OEMs and suppliers have explored avenues for FF to facilitate collaboration and coordination between these industries.

Central to this endeavor is FF’s expertise in product development, technology, regulatory processes, and its cutting-edge manufacturing facility, the FF ieFactory in Hanford. Additionally, FF’s user ecosystem establishment is poised to play a pivotal role in this global initiative.

In compliance updates, FF secured an extension of the suspension from Nasdaq pending a hearing with Nasdaq’s Hearings Panel. With the successful filing of the 10-K Financial Report, FF met one of the listing compliance requirements, with efforts underway for the submission of the first quarter 2024 report on Form 10-Q.

With operational initiatives in full swing, FF’s primary focus in 2024 revolves around ramping up production of the FF 91 vehicle. A quality enhancement campaign accompanies this production surge, aiming to bolster FF 91’s overall quality and customer satisfaction.

FF’s production successes in 2023, including the commissioning of robotic Body Shop & Paint Shop equipment and optimization of vehicle assembly processes, underline the company’s commitment to quality assurance. Rigorous quality checks, encompassing static, dynamic, and functional inspections, ensure that each vehicle meets stringent quality standards.

As a result, the final Quality Customer Craftsmanship Audit (CCA) scores have witnessed a significant 50 percent improvement compared to previous assessments. FF continues to implement substantial enhancements in vehicle fit, finish, functionality, and overall quality, reaffirming its dedication to delivering exceptional vehicles to its customers.

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