First Half 2023 Results

Stellates Posts Strong Growth and Sets New Records in Net Earnings, AOI( 1) and Net Profit in the First Half of2023
.NET earnings of€98.4 billion, over 12 compared to H1 2022 primarily due to advanced shipments
Acclimated operating income( 1) of€14.1 billion, over 11 compared to H1 2022( *), with strong14.4 periphery
Net profit of€10.9 billion, up 37 compared to H1 2022
Industrial free cash overflows( 2) of€8.7 billion, up€3.3 billion compared to H1 2022
Record results enable continued strategic investments to drive a sustainable road to Carbon Net Zero metamorphosis
Global BEV and LEV deals up 24 y- o- y to 169 thousand units and up 28 y- o- y to 315 thousand units, independently
Stellates ranked third in EU30 overall BEV deals; second in thus. request for LEV deals( 3)
The company reacquired€0.7 billion in shares in the first half of 2023, and expects to complete the blazoned€1.5 billion share buyback program before the end of 2023
*) Share of the profit of equity system investees is included in our Operating income and Acclimated operating income( 1) effective January 1, 2023. Comparatives for H1 2022 have been acclimated consequently. relate to runner 7 for fresh information

“ Our outstanding performance in the first half of this time supports our long- term sustainability and our capability to achieve the bold intentions of our Dare Forward 2030 plan. It takes a united trouble and open mindset across all our workers to embark on our no- concession metamorphosis trip while guarding the Company from external challenges. I want to express my gratefulness to each and every hand and I’m proud to say that the brigades are delivering across multiple confines. We’re well- deposited for the remainder of 2023 and further. ”

AMSTERDAM- StellantisN.V. continues to deliver value across multiple confines, posting strong growth and setting new records in Net earnings, AOI and Net profit, while driving a transformative, cost-effective product pivot to galvanized and software- defined vehicles across its 14 iconic brands. Despite the grueling business terrain, Stellantis is successfully executing its Dare Forward 2030 commitments through the effective and devoted focus on three core tenants

Care As reported in the 2022 Commercial Social Responsibility Report, Stellates is on track to meet its ambitious commitment to reach carbon net zero by 2038, with single- number chance compensation of the remaining emigrations. Specifically, the 2022 global carbon footmark was reduced by3.8 in intensity( tons of CO2- eel/ vet) on the whole compass 1-2-3 per vehicle vended compared to 2021. The carbon reduction strategy includes the ‘ herbage- lot ’ plant metamorphosis program that aims to produce carbon neutral, cooperative workspaces starting with three major spots Poesy, France, Russelsheim, Germany, and Miraflores, Italy. The Company also continues to make meaningful strategic hookups to support its carbon net zero commitments, including the planned accession of a33.3 stake in Symbiont( 5), a leader in zero- emigration hydrogen mobility, and the commitment to establishing a common adventure with Galloon for end- of- life vehicle recycling.

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