GM Launches trouble to Bring supported Driving Education Directly to Consumers

The company recognizes that growing familiarity with new technology fosters trust and operation
moment General Motors launched “ Hands Free, Eyes On, ” a consumer education program to encourage consumer confidence in the use of advanced motorist backing systems( ADAS) as part of GM’s larger commitment to the safe deployment of these technologies 1, like Super Cruise 2. To avoid concern and confusion about the benefits of ADAS as they come more extensively available, GM intends to give consumers further information so that they’re informed, agitated and confident in the technology.

“ We know that to help achieve our vision of zero crashes, we must increase the relinquishment of ADAS and proactively punctuate the benefits they offer, ” said Scott Miller, GM vice chairman, Software Defined Vehicle and Operating System. “ To increase operation, we must help motorists understand how presently available technologies, like Super Cruise, work and the responsibility motorists have when using ADAS features. We want guests to be assured of what we’re doing to safely emplace these technologies. ”

The “ Hands Free, Eyes On” program is designed to explain the current state of ADAS — from active safety to hands-free features like Super Cruise — available to guests, all of which bear the motorist’s constant attention to the road, versus completely independent driving which doesn’t bear motorist intervention. With a hands-free enabled vehicle like one equipped with Super Cruise, the motorist is responsible for the vehicle’s operation. That means their eyes need to be on the road at all times, indeed when their hands are free.

GM is committed to the safe deployment of current and unborn advanced motorist backing systems and believes part of this is helping consumers to understand their capabilities and how to duly use them.

Core rudiments of safe deployment include

  1. A commitment to testing and confirmation
  2. Integrating a comprehensive set of detector technologies
  3. icing technologies have motorist attention systems
  4. Keeping our charts streamlined by covering roads and working with the public sector
  5. Educating consumers and other stakeholders GM will partake free ADAS educational coffers and stylish practices and GM social channels. Content will be continuously streamlined.

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