Fluid Truck and Car IQ® Join Forces to Revolutionize Fleet Vehicle Payments

a pioneer in vehicle payment solutions, and Fluid Truck, the company making commercial vehicles available at the tap of a button, have joined forces to transform the way fleet drivers pay for services on the go. The collaboration brings together Car IQ’s payment solution and Fluid Truck’s state-of-the-art truck-sharing technology to make it easier for Fluid vehicle drivers to find gas stations and pay for fuel without the hassle of a fleet card program.

Car IQ uses real-time vehicle data to enable fleet drivers to unlock and pay for services including fuel, tolling, parking, and more. Car IQ Pay integrates into the Fluid Truck driver app, so drivers can pay for fuel seamlessly within the app. Combined with Fluid Truck’s agile and user-friendly truck-sharing technology, fleets will realize a substantial reduction in operational costs, including reducing reconciliation time and eliminating the costs associated with fleet card management; all while maximizing the utilization of their vehicles.

“The world is increasingly moving towards digital payments, and this partnership will further Fluid and Car IQs’ shared goals of bringing even more flexibility and ease for drivers,” said James Eberhard, Fluid Truck CEO and Founder.

“Working with Fluid Truck is a big deal for us. For the first time, we are extending our payment innovation into the On-Demand Rental business,” said Sterling Pratz, CEO of Car IQ. “Our collaboration underscores a shared mission of removing the challenges of managing credit cards and making it easier for Fluid Trucks customers to pay for services.”

Car IQ Pay and Fluid Truck are committed to providing a unified payment solution, communicating and sharing data, and eliminating the complexities associated with fleet spending.

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