Tire Inflator Expert Fanttik Redefines Its Tire Inflator Products for Christmas 2023

Fanttik, the trailblazing award- winning brand in the automotive accessories assiduity, is proud to advertise its remarkable achievements and unveil an instigative lineup of tire inflators at the dusk of 2023. The accolades pour in as Fanttik’s TikTok Shop secures the prestigious# 2 spot in all orders, reaffirming its status as a top player in social media. Next, Black Friday saw Fanttik soar to new heights as Fanttik claimed the title of Amazon’s Top Automotive Brand at# 4 encyclopedically, showcasing the brand’s unequaled fashionability and consumer trust. also, Fanttik proudly held its own as one of the Amazon Best merchandisers in the order- Wheel & Tire Air Compressors & Inflators with the award- winning X8 Apex. also, Fanttik’s fidelity to invention is apparent with the release of the X9 Ace in Bike Pump and the supreme X8 Apex Deluxe Package in the Tire Air Compressors & Inflators space. These new additions further solidify Fanttik’s commitment to delivering slice- edge products that review the automotive accessory geography. As we reflect on the inconceivable mileposts of 2023, Fanttik invites suckers and consumers likewise to witness the excellence that continues to set the brand piecemeal in the assiduity.
Then’s a brief table of Fanttik’s immolation this time with individual use cases for optimal use, followed by highlights of the new releases from the two- time SEMA Show Award winner brand.

Use case/ vehicle

Fanttik Product Models

motorcars/ EVs

X8 Apex, X8 Apex( EV interpretation), X8 Apex Deluxe Package


X8, X9, X9 Pro


X8 Ace, X9 Ace

Balls and lower inflatables

X8 Nano

Fanttik X8 Apex Deluxe Package – The Grandest of them All After winning the prestigious Red fleck Design award, the recognized IF Design Awards, and being championed by NASCAR motorist Kyle Weatherman, the fabulous crowd favorite X8 Apex gets itself an update with a luxurious motif with the Fanttik X8 Apex Deluxe Package. It isn’t a reappraisal of the formerly fabulous X8 Apex, but a paradigm shift in tire affectation technology with the X8 Apex and redundant optimized delicacies similar as a special edition luxurious storehouse case, a decoration air sock, a auto bowl with charging string, a needle stopcock appendage, and a Presta stopcock appendage. So, druggies get the whole shebang with the request’s fastest 12V rechargeable battery air pump that set a new standard by painlessly inflating a medium- sized auto’s26.3 ” tire( 28- 33 PSI) in an astonishing 56 seconds, demonstrating unequaled perfection with an emotional ± 1 PSI delicacy. As the optimal choice for tire affectation needs, the X8 Apex Deluxe Package combines exceptional speed with point delicacy, offering an unmatched result for druggies seeking effectiveness and trustability.

Fanttik X9 Pro – a Motor Biker’s Dream Come True The game- changing Fanttik X9 Pro tire inflator is setting a new standard with its lightning-fast 27-alternate affectation for motorcycle tires. The protean beast reaches a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, feeding to motorcycles, compact buses , SUVs, bikes, balls, and small inflatables. Its intertwined sock and body design ensures easy access and storehouse, rounded by an appurtenant storehouse niche for added convenience. The X9 Pro’s robust 5,000 mAh battery, coupled with an effective cooling system, enables an emotional 23 twinkles of nonstop operation.

Fanttik X9 Ace – Leaving no Bikes Behind The X9 Ace is a compact yet redoubtable addition to Fanttik’s line of innovative bike pumps feeding to road bikes, mountain bikes,e-bikes, and megacity bikes. flaunting remarkable win- sized proportions, the X9 Ace achieves unknown effectiveness, refilling a 700 x 23C tire in a bare 32 seconds and completing the affectation of a road bike tire( 0- 100 PSI) in a jaw- dropping 2 twinkles and 9 seconds. With a maximum pressure capacity of 150PSI, this protean pump can support all standard bikes. It incorporates an ingenious each- by- one sock, seamlessly integrating the sock, body, Presta, and Schrader stopcock into a singular unit, streamlining storehouse and enhancing portability.

New Gears with New Deals – a Holiday Gift from Fanttik

As the vacation season draws near, Fanttik’s inflator family is gearing up for gleeful abatements of over to 37. Everyone can enjoy exclusive 28 and 34 savings when copping
the X9 Pro and X9 Ace, independently. Also, mark your timetables for the largely anticipated release of the X8 Apex Deluxe Package, available on Amazon starting December 20 and also accessible for purchase on Fanttik’s Official Store.

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