GM and Komatsu unite on Hydrogen Fuel Cell- Powered Mining Truck

General Motors and Komatsu willco-develop a hydrogen energy cell power module for Komatsu’s 930E electric drive mining truck, the world’s best- dealing ultra-class haul truck. GM, a leader in hydrogen energy cell technology, and Komatsu, a global manufacturer of mining and construction outfit, will concertedly design and validate the technology
Featherlight and quick to refuel, hydrogen energy cells are ideal for stimulating operations traditionally powered by diesel machines. Hydrogen provides an effective system to package large amounts of energy onboard the vehicle, without compromising cargo carrying capacity.

also, energy cells give an excellent zero tailpipe emigrations result for vehicles with extreme hauling conditions, like the Komatsu 930E mining truck, with its nominal cargo of 320 tons. These vehicles generally operate at a single mine throughout their life, which simplifies the challenges of sizing and planting an effective hydrogen refueling structure to service the vehicle line.

“ At GM, we believe energy cells can play an integral part in a zero- emigrations future, helping to exhilarate heavier- duty operations, beyond passenger vehicles, ” said Charlie Freese, administrative director of GM’s Global HYDROTEC business. “ Mining exchanges are among the largest, most able vehicles used in any assiduity, and we believe hydrogen energy cells are best suited to deliver zero emigrations propulsion to these demanding operations. ”

Komatsu’s energy cell- powered mining exchanges will give an fresh pathway for decarbonization beyond battery- trolley or battery- static charging results, without the need for fresh charging structure within mines.

Komatsu has set a target of reducing its global emigrations by 50 by 2030 and a challenge target of achieving carbon impartiality by 2050. The plans for achieving these pretensions include reducing and barring emigrations within the company’s product immolations, as well as in the company’s installations and product of its products. Komatsu also works nearly with its guests on reducing and barring emigrations during product use through optimization programs supported by Komatsu technology and service results.

GM’s target is to be completely carbon neutral in both products and operations by 2040.

“ Chancing new ways to power the outfit our guests need to do the vital work of mining and construction is a critical part of our commitment to supporting a more sustainable future, ” said Dan Funcannon, vice chairman of North America engineering and development for Komatsu. “ This is essential work that requirescross-industry collaboration, and we’re agitated to be working with GM on this important result for a haulage immolation without tailpipe emigrations. ”

GM and Komatsu intend to test the first prototype HYDROTEC- powered mining vehicle in themid-2020s at Komatsu’s Arizona Proving Grounds( AZPG) exploration and development installation. This vehicle will be powered by over 2 megawatts of HYDROTEC power cells.

GM has been conducting energy cell exploration and product development for further than 50 times and is one of the only companies with advanced, homegrown technology platforms for both lithium- ion batteries and hydrogen energy cells. GM and Komatsu believe these complimentary technologies can help goad the relinquishment of lower- emigration mobility results and help other diligence beyond passenger vehicles meet their sustainability pretensions.

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