Home technology flagship MPV Ideal MEGA officially released

 On March 1, 2024, Li Auto officially released its family technology flagship MPV – Li Auto MEGA. As the first 5C high-voltage pure electric model of Li Auto, Lideal MEGA is an epoch-making product for large families. It comes with 100 super-flagship configurations as standard and has a unified national retail price of 559,800 yuan. Deliveries of Lideal MEGA will begin on March 11, and users can have a test drive experience at Li Auto retail stores across the country from now on.

 Ideal MEGA has the 5C supercharging capability of “500 kilometers in 12 minutes”, combined with the supercharging network across the country, allowing pure electric models to meet the needs of large families for worry-free travel. The unique water drop shape brings the ideal MEGA an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.215, an ultra-low energy consumption of 15.9 kWh per 100 kilometers, and a CLTC ultra-long battery life of 710 kilometers. It also makes the MPV shape a design symbol of a family technology flagship. Ideal MEGA has a flagship-level body size, creating an extremely comfortable moving space for large families. It also comes standard with intelligent dual-motor four-wheel drive and magic carpet air suspension Max. It is developed using more stringent collision standards and has top-level driving comfort. sex and safety. In addition, the ideal smart driving AD Max and the smart space introduced by Mind GPT also make the journey of the big family happier.

        Li Xiang, Chairman and CEO of Li Auto, said, “Since the first day of its establishment, Li Auto has been born for families. From Li Auto ONE to Li Auto L series, we have created happiness for 680,000 families. And the promotion of technology has also allowed us to Today we have the opportunity to bring epoch-making changes to the smart electric vehicle industry. Its energy replenishment efficiency is comparable to that of fuel vehicles, its new-era styling, the wind resistance of a coupe, its whale-level space, the comfort of a D-class luxury sedan, and the safety of a flagship SUV. Ideal classmates are getting smarter and smarter, all of this is realized on Ideal MEGA, bringing the greatest happiness to their families. Ideal MEGA will become the next hit product of Ideal Auto, and will also completely subvert the sales pattern of more than 500,000 cars.”

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5C supercharging meets the needs of large families for worry-free pure electric travel

        Ideal MEGA relies on 5C supercharging technology to make pure electric models suitable for worry-free travel for large families. The 800V high-voltage platform, Kirin 5C battery and 5C supercharging network across the country achieve a charging speed of “500 kilometers in 12 minutes” and an ultra-long battery life of 710 kilometers, allowing pure electric MPVs to travel freely between cities and replenishing pure electric energy. Bringing speed into the 5G era, truly replacing fuel vehicles on a large scale.

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        In order to support 5C overcharging, Ideal MEGA uses an 800V high-voltage platform and is equipped with a Kirin 5C battery pack with a total power of 102.7 kWh and a CLTC ultra-long battery life of 710 kilometers. In the high-speed scenario, Li Auto has built more than 300 supercharging stations so far, and plans to invest more than 6 billion yuan in the future to build more than 5,000 directly operated 5C charging stations, covering 95% of the country’s highways and important national highways. In urban areas, charging stations using the franchise model will also be implemented on a large scale in 2024. The average charging power of Ideal MEGA using urban superchargers reaches 300 kilowatts, and 15 minutes of charging can add 500 kilometers of battery life. In addition, Lideal MEGA will also provide 20 kilowatt DC charging piles for users to choose from, fully covering the daily energy replenishment scenarios of pure electric users.

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        At the same time, the intelligent overcharging experience also makes daily energy replenishment for large families more worry-free. Car owners can check the working status of all ideal charging stations and charging piles online. The car terminal will also combine comprehensive power, trip energy consumption and charging site information to automatically complete charging route planning and recommend the optimal energy replenishment route. In winter and summer, the vehicle’s powerful thermal management system can also preheat or precool the battery pack in advance to ensure that it is at the optimal operating temperature. It can achieve 5C overcharging in a wide temperature range of -10°C-40°C. .

Ultra-low wind resistance, an aesthetic symbol of the next era designed for large families

        Ideal MEGA uses subversive touches to make the MPV shape a design symbol of the flagship family technology. The waterdrop-shaped front, flawless body and unique “wind blade”, the excellent aerodynamic design brings an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.215, and also achieves a power consumption of as low as 15.9 kWh per 100 kilometers, making the ideal MEGA a leader in the next era. Aesthetic symbols.

        From the hood of the ideal MEGA to the rear of the roof, an elegant and smooth arc guides the airflow close to the body to reduce separation. The wind blade at the rear of the car is a complete airflow separation line, allowing the airflow to leave the car body cleanly and significantly reducing wind resistance. At the same time, the ideal MEGA adopts a flawless body design with a simple and plump shape. Apart from the necessary functions, the body does not have any outstanding features or complicated decorations. Different from the suspended three-dimensional star ring lights on the Ideal L series, Ideal MEGA has redesigned the 1.5-meter-long flawless star ring light, which is integrated with the water drop-shaped outline and is highly recognizable.

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        As a four-wheel drive large MPV, Ideal MEGA’s water-drop shape and flawless body design have brought generational breakthroughs in drag coefficient. Combined with a more efficient silicon carbide power chip, it has also achieved an ultra-low energy consumption of 15.9 kWh per 100 kilometers. Reduce user energy costs to a lower level.

Extreme comfort, creating a favorite mobile space for large families

        Ideal MEGA has flagship body dimensions, with a length of 5350 mm, a width of 1965 mm, a height of 1850 mm, and a wheelbase of 3300 mm, creating a large, comfortable and easy-to-use moving space for large families. The second-row Super 7 Series long-axis version and the three-row Super 5 Series long-axis version allow every family member to enjoy a comfortable large sofa, and come standard with platinum audio and a 17-inch OLED large screen. The ideal MEGA truly becomes an extension of the home and a large screen. The favorite mobile space for home users.

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        Based on the advantages of pure electric architecture, Ideal MEGA breaks the wheelbase limitation of fuel vehicles and brings a flatter interior space with greater freedom in seat layout. Its usable space length reaches 3791 mm. The spacious interior space is also reasonably allocated to each seat in the three rows. In the standard state, second- and third-row passengers can also enjoy generous leg and headroom. At the same time, the standard trunk depth of the ideal MEGA reaches 680 mm, which can accommodate all the luggage of the whole family for a 2-week trip when full with 7 people. After the third row of magic folding seats are electrically folded forward, the trunk can be turned into a small mobile warehouse for the family.

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        The interior of Ideal MEGA adopts a transparent and simple home space design. The entire car glass area exceeds 8.26 square meters, giving the light maximum vitality. The entire interior is made of off-white and matte brown, with simple and staggered lines and a natural and soft touch, revealing the simple elegance of Italian high-end homes.

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        In the first row, Ideal MEGA is equipped with magic carpet seats for the main driver, which can automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the seat cushions according to the driving mode, fully relieving driving fatigue and improving driving safety. The sitting position of the passenger queen seat can be adjusted at will, with a reclining angle of up to 100 degrees. It is equipped with electric integrated heated leg rests to provide a better riding experience. The second row of the Ideal MEGA is equipped with two independent electric massage sofas. While retaining the 160 mm wide central aisle, the seat cushions are longer and wider, the backrest is also higher, and the maximum lying angle reaches 95 degrees, allowing the family to stretch freely. Body. Both seats come standard with seat ventilation, seat heating including armrests and leg rests, and SPA-level 16-point massage, making the riding experience extremely comfortable. In the third row, the 350mm seat height of the three-person electric sofa is the same as that in the second row, and the wide seat cushions also provide comprehensive comfortable support for the legs. At the same time, every position in the third row is equipped with comfortable headrests and seat heating, and the backrest also supports 36-degree electric adjustment, making the configuration uncompromising.

        In addition to the large sofas for each family member, smart home equipment and top-level audio and video systems are also important components of the ideal MEGA comfortable space. The smart refrigerator supports both cooling and heating functions, and the smart fresh air system purifies the air throughout the vehicle through 19 air outlets. The new platinum sound system is equipped with 21 PSS car speakers, and the listening experience is fully upgraded. The large rear screen upgraded to 17 inches uses fourth-generation OLED technology, and the display effect is even more shocking. With the support of top-level hardware, Ideal MEGA has become the first car in the world to provide both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos experiences.

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       In addition, Ideal MEGA has undergone many optimizations throughout the car, and its easy-to-use functional design provides careful care for your family. The three rows of electric seats in the entire car make the space layout more flexible. Large families can freely move the living room, cinema, concert hall, study room and bedroom into the car. The oversized electric sliding doors on both sides and the unique gull-wing tailgate at the rear make it easier for family members to get in and out of the vehicle and access items. The car has four 50-watt wireless charging pads, six Type-C wired charging ports, a 2.2-kilowatt 220V power supply inside the car and a 3.5-kilowatt external discharge function outside the car, allowing the whole family to use electricity freely.

Highways and high-speed rails provide top-notch driving and safety for large families

        The Ideal MEGA is equipped with a dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system and magic carpet air suspension Max. It also has excellent vehicle silent performance, creating a smooth and comfortable driving experience for the family. The G-class development standard of 25% offset on both sides, 9 airbags and side curtain airbags, and the third-row rear-end collision test standard exceeding American standards give the ideal MEGA top-level vehicle safety and create a highway and high-speed rail for the big family.

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        The dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system brings excellent acceleration performance and power smoothness to the ideal MEGA, with a peak power of 400 kilowatts and a peak power of 542 Nm, and can accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers in only 5.5 seconds. In rain, snow or even extreme weather, the four-wheel drive system can also bring more stable driving performance and ensure a safe journey for the family.

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        The flexibility of the pure electric architecture creates more space for the ideal MEGA chassis layout. The suspension structure of the front double wishbone and rear H-arm multi-link has become an important foundation for creating a high-end driving experience. At the same time, Lideal MEGA’s Magic Carpet Air Suspension Max is equipped with dual-chamber air springs and CDC shock absorbers, combined with a self-developed control algorithm, to achieve the same level of control stability and ride comfort. The 70mm suspension adjustment range also brings multiple functions such as two loading modes, intelligent speed adjustment and escape mode, making the use scenarios richer. The fully self-developed chassis control system and electric four-wheel drive give the ideal MEGA chassis the ability to continue to grow. In the third quarter of this year, Lideal MEGA will add an intelligent U-turn assist function in an OTA manner. Through intelligent control of the vehicle’s braking and electric drive systems, the turning diameter of low-speed U-turns will be reduced by 0.5-1 meter.

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        In order to achieve the best silent performance of the entire vehicle, the entire three rows of the Ideal MEGA are made of double-layer laminated glass, combined with multiple targeted optimizations of the body structure, to significantly isolate the noise outside the vehicle, and effectively improve the hearing of noise, bringing tranquility to the family. Comfortable riding environment.

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        In the field of vehicle safety, Ideal MEGA is equipped with a fortress safety body as standard, with a body torsional stiffness as high as 44,000N·m/deg, protecting your family with the highest safety standards. Faced with the harsh 25% offset collision, the Lideal MEGA achieved G scores on both sides of the driver and passenger in the bottom-up test. In order to protect the safety of family members in the third row, Ideal MEGA has introduced rear-end collision test standards of 88 kilometers per hour and 70% offset, and has deeply optimized the structure and materials of the rear body to provide comprehensive protection. At the same time, the Ideal MEGA comes standard with 9 airbags and side curtain airbags, including distal airbags. The side airbags cover all three rows of the car, providing effective protection for family members in various complex collision conditions. In addition, the addition of configurations such as crosswind assist, HUD digital rearview mirror images, and streaming media interior rearview mirrors also add an additional layer of protection to the driving safety of the ideal MEGA.

AD Max is paired with ideal classmates, smart companionship for a big family

        Ideal MEGA is equipped with dual NVIDIA Drive Orin and Qualcomm 8295P high-performance brain. Combined with super sensors, it has full-scenario intelligent driving, intelligent parking and active safety capabilities. It also allows AI Ideal students equipped with Mind GPT to become encyclopedia teachers, entertainment assistants, Car assistant and travel assistant, grow together with the whole family.

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        In terms of smart driving hardware configuration, Ideal MEGA uses two NVIDIA Drive Orins with a computing power of 508TOPS, and is equipped with a 128-line lidar and 11 cameras surrounding the body. Coupled with the BEV large model and Occupancy network, Ideal MEGA can perceive the physical world further and more clearly, and can complete planning and control with global thinking and prediction capabilities to effectively deal with complex road conditions.

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        The full-scenario intelligent driving will be upgraded again in OTA 5.2 released in the first half of this year, making the ideal MEGA more like an experienced driver when entering and exiting ramps and overtaking lane changes, and can independently pass ETC at high-speed toll stations and travel between highways and cities without any sense. The opening scope of intelligent driving in urban areas will also be expanded to the whole country, covering all kinds of roads, truly realizing “it can be driven nationwide.” Smart parking includes automatic parking, exit parking and valet parking functions to help families deal with various parking problems. The active safety function of Ideal MEGA can come forward in times of crisis. Even at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, it can still accurately perform emergency braking to protect the safety of family members and other traffic participants.

        Ideal intelligent driving AD Max will continue to be upgraded in the first half of the year. Full-scenario intelligent driving will be available in all cities across the country. All-scenario assisted driving will launch an AI driver mode. Intelligent parking will support Ideal 5C supercharging station parking. Active safety will also be expanded to more Users’ high-risk driving scenarios continue to transform new technologies into user value.

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        In terms of smart space, Lideal MEGA is equipped with the high-performance version of Qualcomm’s flagship automotive chip 8295P. Its NPU upgrade brings a 650% improvement in AI accelerated computing performance compared to the previous generation product, and the local AI inference speed reaches 30 Token/s. At the same time, two sets of IR+RGB binocular vision sensors and 6 sets of dual-mic array microphones are combined with multi-modal perception algorithms to upgrade the ideal student interaction of audio-visual integration and create more possibilities for the smart space experience of Ideal MEGA.

        After joining Mind GPT, Ideal Classmates, as children’s favorite “encyclopedia teachers”, can not only answer questions and solve doubts, but are also good at reasoning and writing, bringing children a happy and novel journey. As a “car assistant” that simplifies the complex, Ideal Classmate can answer vehicle-related questions, and can also help users set up a task master in one sentence, making daily car use easier. At the same time, the ideal classmate is also a well-informed “travel assistant” who can do everything from food recommendations to travel guides. He is a trustworthy family tour guide. In addition, ideal classmates have a wide range of hobbies and are involved in current affairs, sports and entertainment information. They can also record family photos for large families, and are enthusiastic “entertainment assistants”.

        In addition to AI capabilities, Ideal MEGA’s smart space experience will also continue to be upgraded through OTA, pushing multiple functional updates including Wi-Fi hotspots, wireless screen projection, full-view driving recorders, and full-car phone answering, making Ideal MEGA a big family. Smart products that are more commonly used and loved.

Color Selection and User Rights

        In terms of appearance color, Lideal MEGA offers 4 options, including standard silver metallic paint, gray metallic paint, panda white pearl paint, and optional elephant gray special edition pearl paint priced at 10,000 yuan.

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        The interior colors of the ideal MEGA are available in white and brown.

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        Li Auto MEGA can be ordered through Li Auto’s official website or Li Auto App. Pre-order users and users who confirm their order before March 11, 2024 can enjoy free upgrades to 20 kilowatt DC charging piles or ideal overcharging rights of 6,000 kWh; users who confirm their order from March 11 to April 30, 2024, You will enjoy the ideal overcharging privilege of 3,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

 Ideal MEGA, the flagship MPV for family technology, has the product strength to break through the ceiling of the industry. It aims to become the number one model in the Chinese market with a sales volume of more than 500,000 yuan, creating the greatest happiness for more families.

Create a mobile home and create a happy home.

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