Humane tics Unveils Track Base Connect to Elevate Your Proving Ground Efficiency

Humane tics announced the launch of its new active safety proving grounds management tool, Track Base Connect, to its customers gathered at the Humane tics Safety Summit in Germany. Following a successful first demonstration at the Digitals proving ground in Linz, Austria, Track Base Connect is now being rolled out to select customers in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Humanetics, a global supplier of advanced safety testing solutions for the automotive industry, has a comprehensive portfolio of active safety hardware products to support crash prevention technologies like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Its products include several UFO (ultra-flat over-runable) target carriers to represent different road users in test scenarios; as well as Driving Robots that control the speed and steering of the test vehicle.

As proving ground test scenarios become more complex, using a combination of road-users – like pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes and other vehicles – coordinating the different test assets becomes harder and more time consuming. TrackBase Connect addresses these challenges by providing a user-friendly interface that abstracts the underlying complexity. The software allows test sites to be utilized to their fullest potential. It integrates test equipment such as target carriers and vehicles, as well as proving-ground specific infrastructure, including traffic lights, gates, mesh networks, weather stations and rain plants. The software is designed for seamless operation on various devices, making it accessible and efficient for on-site testing.

Mark Westen, President of Humanetics Safety, said, “In an era of rapid technological advancements and increasing complexity in ADAS tests and features, the demand for efficient and holistic software solutions has never been greater. Our approach optimizes time and area usage on the test track without compromising safety.”

By providing an overview of all activities, including to everyone on site, TrackBase Connect improves coordination and therefore increases efficiency for multiple teams using the same space.

“We envision TrackBase Connect as a transformative force in the ADAS testing arena,” added Karsten Newbury, President of Humanetics Digital. “Our software seamlessly complements our comprehensive active safety hardware product suite as well as third-party integration via the ISO 22133 standard. This synergy empowers our customers with a holistic approach to testing, boosting both efficiency and reliability.”

To mark the launch of TrackBase Connect, Humanetics hosted an exclusive event at the Digitrans proving ground on September 12th. The event provided a platform for industry experts, customers, and partners to witness firsthand the capabilities of this groundbreaking software.

Christoph Feichtinger of Digitrans stated, “TrackBase Connect by Humanetics has added revolutionary value to our Proving Ground. The seamless localization and control of all test participants enable the efficient execution of even the most complex traffic and mobility scenarios. The integration of Digitrans-specific operational design elements such as the outdoor rain plant promises further optimization of the testing process. This innovative system has exceeded our expectations and is a crucial step towards the future of mobility testing.”

With the introduction of Track Base Connect, Humane tics reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and safety in the realm of active safety testing. The company’s forward-looking approach continues to shape the industry’s trajectory, as it transforms the landscape of how ADAS testing is conducted on proving grounds.

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