Iteris Awarded Contract for Seminole County Traffic Signal Retiming Program

The world’s trusted technology ecosystem for smart mobility structure operation, moment blazoned that it has been awarded a new$ 1 million contract by Seminole County, Florida for an indigenous business signal retiming program, representing continued demand for Iteris ’ specialized consulting services in a crucial geographic request.
The five-time Arterial Corridor Signal Retiming program includes data collection and analysis, development of signal timing plans, deployment, fine-tuning in the field and performance evaluation. It’ll impact 19 systems and 146 corners throughout the county.

The primary thing of the design is to apply optimized collaboration timing plans to achieve optimal business inflow, and ameliorate safety for all road druggies, including vehicles, motorcars, bikes and climbers. By reducing dwell time at 146 of the county’s corners, the design is also anticipated to reduce energy consumption and carbon emigration.

Having worked with Seminole County on retiming systems over 15 times, Iteris is well acquainted with the county’s staff, procedures, and road network, and is in a unique position to use data collected from former engagements to streamline the design.

“ We’re always happy to support Florida’s thing of perfecting the safety and mobility of road druggies, and agitated to contribute by leading this business signal retiming program in Seminole County, ” said Anita Vandervalk, indigenous vice chairman of consulting results at Iteris. “ This action represents not only continued demand for Iteris ’ moxie in business signal collaboration but also customer satisfaction and success achieved with former systems. It’ll eventually help to increase the value and effectiveness of the region’s transportation structure, harmonious with our core value of perfecting safety, air quality and reducing energy consumption. ”

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