LEXUS joins hands with craftsmen from across fields to launch a limited edition of the first street-style photography album.

Lexus has long been committed to leading car owners to Experience Amazing to enrich and enrich their lives. As it enters its 27th year in Taiwan, Lexus Owners Magazine has been published as a quarterly magazine for 25 years, providing car owners with exclusive life style inspiration. To commemorate the issuance of the 100th issue, a paper photography exhibition “Freezing the Moment: The Lexus Photobook” was specially planned, inviting 10 unique and talented photographers to use their unique perspectives and skills to capture Lexus life To capture the extraordinary moments in life, a limited edition of 1,000 exquisite photo albums are produced for Lexus enthusiasts to collect and purchase.

      The first chapter of the content created by Lexus and style photographers this time is captured affectionately by Golden Horse Award-winning actor Fan Shaoxun, showing the artistic tension of LC that transcends speed; Liu Zhenxiang, the first photographer to win the Outstanding Contribution Award at the Taipei Film Festival, Condensing the power of RX ready to go; Seven Yi, the manager of ROOM by Le Kief, who has been awarded the top 50 bars in Asia and the world for many years, depicts the elegant silhouette of ES in the dark night; in Pulitzer Lee Yi Siam, who won the Frank Gehry architectural works photography competition, captured the NX moving through the depths of the city, showing its unparalleled charm of freedom; Zhan Yitang, a senior photographer in the fashion industry, profoundly depicted the casual and delicate beauty of the LS in the ordinary.

      The second chapter is composed of five street photographers with different styles, Song Baiwei, Zhang Daoci, Zheng Boan, Aaron Liu and Owen, who are very active on Instagram. They use their unique perspectives to explore new looks in daily life and capture the touching moments of Lexus. , record every moment of emotion. Turning the pages of the book, each frame of the image is a story that is eternally frozen by the camera. Going deep into the details behind these images, Lexus adds indescribable richness and depth to life, becoming a force that closely connects us with daily life. Transform those seemingly ordinary moments into immortal memories. Whether you are a Lexus lover or a pursuer of photography art, this photo album will be your ultimate collection.

      “Freeze. Moment: The Lexus Photobook” is officially on sale from now on at HOTAI, Tsutaya, Eslite, Jinshido Bookstore and Bloglai Online Bookstore, priced at $680 (152 pages, 18.2 1,000 copies issued, while supplies last For details, please visit the Lexus

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