The new service of iRent PRO is launched. Easily enjoy the two upgraded services of “Return PRO” and “Cleaning PRO” for your car.

 iRent service has been upgraded again, and the new iRent PRO service will be launched for iRent cars from now on! It includes two value-added services: “PRO Returnable Parking Lot” for roadside rental and return and “PRO Appointment Cleaning Service” for rental and return at the same station.

      The iRent shared car and motorcycle service has created a convenient mobile life for the public. In the vehicle maintenance section, the iRent PRO value-added service is launched, allowing PRO members to reserve cleaning services before picking up the car. The maintenance staff will rent and return the car at the same station as the member. We provide vehicle cleaning and interior air freshening services to add comfort to your car rental journey.

      In the iRent car roadside rental and return section, there are currently more than 100 dispatched parking lots across the country for members to conveniently pick up and return cars. Today, the “PRO Returnable Car Parking Lot” (limited to roadside cars) value-added service is launched. More than 200 parking lots are exclusively available for PRO members to find the parking lot more quickly and conveniently to return their car. For example, they need to arrive at the destination on time during a business visit, or they want to quickly find a parking lot to return their car to visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year… For time-sensitive itineraries, join iRentPRO as a member, search for PRO-recognized parking lots on the APP map, and enjoy the convenient return service of more than 300 dispatched parking lots.

      iRent PRO is an annual contract plan. You can become a PRO member by purchasing in the APP. You can use the “PRO Returnable Parking Lot” or “PRO Appointment Cleaning Service” a total of 3 times within a year. iRent PRO provides two payment methods, namely “annual monthly payment type: 99 yuan per month, 12 installments in total” and “annual monthly payment type: one-time payment of 1,089 yuan, which is equivalent to only 11 installments a year. cost”. When the plan usage limit is exceeded, you can also purchase an additional “PRO Returnable Parking Lot” or “PRO Appointment Cleaning Service” worth 600 yuan at a discount starting from 300 yuan each time.

      To celebrate the launch of the new iRent PRO service, from now until 1/31, anyone who subscribes for iRent PRO will receive a celebration gift package—180 minutes of discount coupons! (Including 30-minute car discount coupons*5 + motorcycle first 6-minute discount coupons*5). iRent will adhere to the same service concept as its customers, continue to listen to suggestions from users’ car rental feedback as service optimization and reference, and continue to expand iRent PRO value-added services to create a better car experience for customers.

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