Look up to the launch price of U8 deluxe version of 1.098 million, positioning itself in the million-level market with its disruptive technology

Yangwang Auto’s first product, Yangwang U8 deluxe version, is officially launched with a listing price of 1.098 million yuan. Users can purchase and place orders through the official App or mini program of Yangwang Auto. . U8 is positioned as a million-level new energy hardcore off-road vehicle. With the support of two core technologies, Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P intelligent hydraulic body control system, it has 1,200 super horsepower, which is comparable to the third-generation main battle tank, and has the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 mph. 3.6 seconds faster, with all-terrain in-situ U-turn, flat tire stabilization and emergency floating capabilities, bringing users unprecedented ultimate safety, ultimate performance and ultimate experience. The U8 luxury version show car will be available in stores in 13 cities including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Ningbo, and users can experience it in person. The first batch of U8 deluxe editions will be delivered to users starting in late October.

The first two disruptive core technologies of Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P

The two disruptive core technologies of Yi Sifang and Yunnan-P are the solid foundation for U8 to surpass the extreme and unprecedented. Traditional cars are limited to the center-driven form of two-wheel driven vehicles, and active safety still has great limitations. The U8 is equipped with the Yi Sifang technology platform, with distributed four motors as the core and four-wheel torque independent vector control. It has the technical characteristics of fast sensing speed, accurate recognition accuracy and strong control ability. It is the golden key to unlock the safety of body attitude control. The Yunnan-P intelligent hydraulic body control system opens up the vehicle’s six degrees of freedom in three dimensions and fully realizes the vehicle’s horizontal-longitudinal-vertical integrated control. Yunnan-P has strong recognition of road environment, fast adjustment of suspension and body posture, and high control accuracy. It has an ultra-high total suspension adjustment stroke of 150mm, three-level stiffness and continuous adaptive damping adjustment, matching 15+ 1 off-road mode allows the U8 Deluxe Edition to calmly cope with various complex terrains and fully unleash the driving pleasure.

1,200 super horsepower, the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 mph in 3.6 seconds, and the ability to make a U-turn on the spot on all terrains, stabilize the road with a flat tire, and emergencies from the water.

Yi Sifang’s technology gives the U8 deluxe version a super horsepower of 1,200 horses comparable to the third-generation main battle tank, making it the world’s first mass-produced new energy vehicle to climb Mount Bilutu, the “Mount Everest in the Desert”; the vehicle’s maximum power is 880kW , the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 seconds is 3.6 seconds, which is comparable to a supercar. The wheel-end torque of the U8 Deluxe Edition is as high as 8700N·m. Together with Yi Sifang’s precise control capabilities, it breaks through the friction restrictions of different high and low road surfaces and can realize in-situ U-turns on all terrains, greatly improving the mobility of hard-core off-road vehicles. Yi Sifang’s technology enables the U8 luxury version to remain stable and controllable even in the event of a tire blowout through independent and precise control of the four-wheel torque, greatly expanding the boundaries of vehicle active safety. In order to maximize the safety of users in extreme situations such as heavy rains, waterlogging or wild wading, the U8 Deluxe Edition has emergency floating capabilities. Based on the sealing advantages of the entire vehicle and core components, combined with Yi Sifang’s control capabilities, the U8 Deluxe Edition can float within 30 minutes while maintaining a stable posture, and can control the vehicle’s forward and direction, helping users escape danger quickly. The emergency floating ability is a passively triggered emergency function. Officials recommend that users not try it easily in non-emergency situations. Once triggered, it must be sent back to the Zhan Wang direct service store for maintenance.

Ultimate security, an all-round sense of security from the inside out

The U8 Deluxe Edition is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system, and with the Yi Sifang technology platform, the CLTC has a comprehensive cruising range of 1,000km, fully meeting users’ long-lasting needs for outdoor travel. It supports DC fast charging up to 110kW, charging from 30% to 80% in as fast as 18 minutes, allowing for timely and efficient recharging in emergencies. Look up to the external discharge function of the U8 Deluxe Edition with a maximum power of 6kW to ensure the safety of outdoor energy supply. This function is compatible with a variety of electrical equipment at the same time and supports 2kW ultra-high-power electrical appliances for about 25 hours of continuous use. There are a total of 3 wireless charging places in the front and rear rows, which can support 50W fast charging, and can be charged quickly and conveniently even when traveling with many people. The U8 Deluxe Edition is equipped with 38 high-precision components integrated with the NVDIA DRIVE Orin intelligent driving processor with a computing power of up to 508 Tops. It has high perception accuracy and sufficient computing power to further enhance active driving safety. In order to continue the ultimate safety gene, the U8 luxury version is equipped with a blade battery, supplemented by CTC battery-chassis integration technology. The blade battery is directly connected to the girder as a safety structural component. The excellent side pillar collision safety advantage fully guarantees travel safety.

Quality materials and innovative technological functions give new energy off-road a luxurious travel experience

In addition to the hard core, the cockpit design of the U8 Deluxe Edition fully integrates luxury, innovative technological configurations and off-road attributes, creating a unique technological luxury experience for new energy hardcore off-road vehicles. Based on the interior design requirements, U8 pioneered the 12.8-inch R800 Galaxy curved screen design. The screen uses OLED material, 2K resolution to restore true colors, and the color contrast is 50 times higher than that of traditional LCD screens. The Galaxy curved screen is seamlessly connected to the two 23.6-inch mini LED screens for the main and passenger seats, creating a borderless immersion and forming a uniquely recognizable triple screen, which is as diverse as the Galaxy Falls. With the symmetrical structure of the double-encircled star ring cockpit, it will The seating space surrounds it, showing the unique luxury style of new energy.

The smart cockpit of the Yangwang U8 luxury version is equipped with a 4nm 5G chip jointly customized by BYD and Qualcomm. It has high-speed computing and strong compatibility. It is embedded in the Yangwang Link intelligent network connection system and has a complete application ecosystem. The front 70-inch AR-HUD head-up display, Galaxy curved central control screen, passenger multimedia screen plus two 12.8-inch rear floating multimedia screens have a borderless five-screen linkage function, are not limited by space, and support multiple screens. Information interaction brings a richer intelligent experience to all vehicle drivers and passengers. The full-scenario intelligent voice can support independent interaction among four sound zones, and voice commands between different sound zones can also be linked. Users can also customize common scenarios through voice to fully meet personalized usage needs. The 70-inch AR-HUD upgrades the content of the head-up display from a flat image to a 3D stereoscopic image, and the vehicle road information is projected on the screen in real time, allowing the driver to easily grasp various information such as vehicle status or maps, and keep his eyes on the road and focus on driving.

All seats in the U8 Deluxe Edition are made of high-grade Nappa leather, paired with high-end Sapele wood. The texture is uniform and the touch is delicate, fully displaying the visual texture of pure natural logs and the touch of your fingertips. The entire vehicle is equipped with a natural solar-themed intelligent fragrance system and a compressor refrigerator with an anti-forgetting reminder, which further improves the ride quality. When the vehicle speed reaches 60km/h, the interior noise of the U8 Deluxe Edition does not exceed 55dB, creating a library-level quiet and comfortable space. The entire vehicle is equipped with the world’s first Dynaudio Platinum Evidence Series Hi-End top-level audio, equipped with a total of 22 speakers to create 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos to restore the real sound field. The extraordinary NVH quietness and high-quality audio bring users the sound of nature. Great listening enjoyment. In response to the needs of off-road attributes, the U8 luxury version uses a partial physical button design under the curved screen in the center console, which can quickly switch and adjust multiple driving modes, enhancing the convenience and practicality of off-road control. Focusing on the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, the interior design of the U8 Deluxe Edition makes every corner an ultimate luxury experience.

The U8 Deluxe Edition is available in five exterior paint colors, including dragonstone green, obsidian black, and fluorite white, with optional matte dragonstone green and matte moonlight silver. The interior is available in black, orange, and gray brown. The vehicle comes standard with 22-inch sports forged wheels, and provides 22-inch simple forged wheels and 20-inch sports forged wheels for users to choose from, fully matching the user’s personalized selection needs.

The ultimate technology has made Yang Wang possible, and the user’s trust has made Yang Wang the brand’s hospitality approach of “trust and sincerity”. Yang Wang Automobile will adopt a fully direct operation model to serve users. Currently, more than 70 Yang Wang direct-operated stores are under construction. , it is expected that more than 90 stores will be opened in more than 40 cities across the country this year, so that consumers can more conveniently experience the products and services of Wang Wang Auto. Looking up to the car will uphold the most sincere service attitude and bring users a more extreme brand experience!

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