Odin Energy and LocatorX Partner for Real-Time Hydrogen Network Visibility

LocatorX, a leading provider of supply chain intelligence, has announced an exclusive partnership with Odin Energy Solutions to deliver real-time visibility for Odin’s hydrogen fueling stations throughout North America. Odin, renowned for its innovative energy solutions, is developing a comprehensive hydrogen fueling network to provide widespread access to hydrogen fuel across the United States and Canada, offering a cost-effective alternative to diesel.

By leveraging LocatorX’s advanced real-time visibility and data intelligence platform, Odin will efficiently guide customers to its hydrogen stations and facilitate hydrogen delivery to various locations, including urban centers and remote areas.

In addition to expanding the hydrogen network, Odin plans to construct drop yards near its fueling stations. These facilities will offer truck drivers convenient overnight parking and drop-and-hook services. LocatorX’s platform will also ensure secure visibility for Odin’s drop yard network.

Odin’s hydrogen conversion program aligns with the company’s mission to promote a cleaner, sustainable future. Through affordable hydrogen fuel subscriptions, Odin will assist in converting diesel trucks to hydrogen or subsidize the purchase of new hydrogen trucks for carriers and qualifying independent truckers, at minimal or no cost.

Steven Minard, CEO of Odin Energy Solutions, stated, “Hydrogen offers numerous advantages, including hauling up to 25% more freight, lower operational and maintenance costs, and eliminating issues like DEF, vapor lock, and cold weather starts. Our partnership with LocatorX ensures that our refueling resources are easily locatable in real-time, allowing for efficient refueling and prompt fuel delivery.”

Chester Kennedy, CEO of LocatorX, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Odin and support the adoption of their clean energy solution. Our commitment extends beyond visibility, providing high-quality data that enables our customers to optimize their business operations using AI and machine learning. It is an honor to support Odin in their mission to transform the energy landscape.”

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a cleaner, more efficient future for the transportation industry, enhancing the accessibility and practicality of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel alternative.

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