Rubicon makes follow- on investment in EasyGo

Rubicon Capital counsels, through its asset operation business( “ Rubicon AM ”), is pleased to advertise the accession of a farther15.5 equity interest in Erapid Charger Company Limited, trading as “ EasyGo ”, bringing Rubicon AM’s overall investment in EasyGo to over 50.
EasyGo is Ireland’s swift- growing and largest intimately possessed Electric Vehicle( “ EV ”) charge point results provider. Its charging network provides access to over 4,000 charging points in 1,500 locales across Ireland and Northern Ireland, accessible via the EasyGo app which presently has over 58,000 registered subscribers.

In October, EasyGo blazoned a€ 30m capital rise from Aviva Investors, which will be used to continue the roll- eschewal of fast dishes in Ireland along with adding 60 new jobs.

Chris Kelly,co-founder and CEO of EasyGo, said “ We’re pleased to have Rubicon as a trusted mate and appreciate their strategic backing and backing moxie which has helped the business achieve significant growth in the last three times. ”

Conor Kelly, CEO of Rubicon, said “ Rubicon intends to be a material contributor in helping Ireland meet its 2030 climate targets. With EV relinquishment rates growing exponentially, it remains vital that we’ve EV structure to support this, which is only feasible through the combined power of private investment and the Irish government’s prioritisation of the sector. ”

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