Samsara Joins California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s nonstop Testing Program Airman to Streamline Smog Checks for Public Sector lines

” Samsara”)( NYSE IOT), the colonist of the Connected Operations ™ Cloud, moment blazoned that it has joined the California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s( BAR) nonstop Testing Program( CTP) airman, a program designed to help palliate the trouble of in- person gauze testing for public sector lines in California. As part of this program, emigrations and individual data from Samsara can now be integrated with the California BAR to automate the gauze reporting process at scale, reduce time-out, and better manage compliance.
Government agencies that enjoy or operate vehicles in California are subject to strict gauze Check Program conditions. These gauze tests, historically homemade and time- consuming, can lead to significant time-out and disrupt productivity at scale. Now, with data integrated from Samsara’s platform, California’s BAR can automate this process and gain the information demanded to grant eligible government vehicles a fleeting score on their gauze check, without the hassle of an in- person examination.

Samsara client, the City of Ventura, is presently sharing in the California BAR CTP airman. The Public Works Department for the City of Ventura is responsible for the accession, conservation, and form of hundreds of megacity- possessed vehicles and pieces of outfit. They also insure the City promotes environmentally friendly practices and complies with Federal and State emigrations regulations.

Jaime Aguayo, Fleet Supervisor for the City of Ventura explained, “ We run in- house gauze testing that requires 50 of our vehicles to be brought in, audited, and pass gauze in a timetable time. Now that information from Samsara will be participated directly with the BAR, we can reduce this time-out and run tests more effectively. ” Aguayo continued, “ With Samsara, there’s an ongoing feedback circle and constant elaboration of how their technology can meet our requirements I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. ”

Samsara serves government and education guests nationwide at both the state and original situations to digitize their operations. With a single platform across all departments and practicable perceptivity from Samsara, public sector agencies can increase service translucency and sustainability, ameliorate community safety, and make data- informed opinions.

” Samsara’s addition in California’s strict BAR CTP airman is a testament to how our platform is helping pave the way to a cleaner hereafter,” said Rhonda Eiffe, AVP of Public Sector at Samsara.” gauze tests are incredibly important to reduce carbon emigrations and advance toward California’s ambitious climate pretensions. With this integration, we’re agitated to streamline the gauze testing and reporting process for public sector lines across the state and enable them to operate more efficiently.”

Samsara is one of five merchandisers presently certified to share in the California BAR CTP airman. This integration joins over 260 listed on the Samsara App Marketplace and is now available in open beta for eligible guests. To learn more, visit https//

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