Top Tech to See at CES 2024: Meet the Pebble Flow, The Electric Semi-Autonomous Travel Trailer

Pebble, a California-based startup defining a new way to work, live, and explore from anywhere, will be showcasing its new flagship product at CES: The Pebble Flow, a 100% electric, semi-autonomous travel trailer.

The RV industry has long been overdue for innovation and modernization. Traditional RVs and travel trailers have many problems, from outdated technology and stressful towing and hitching to constant maintenance needs. There is a rising demand for an RV that is sustainable, user-friendly, and supports the growing work-from-anywhere generation.

Enter the Pebble Flow. This travel trailer features the world’s first dual-motor active propulsion assist system that enables the Pebble Flow to propel itself for a safe and effortless towing experience for both gas and electric vehicles. The Pebble Flow is the travel trailer of the electric age, and as many consumers choose an EV as their primary personal vehicle, this travel trailer will be accessible without range anxiety. The dual-motor drivetrain, with advanced computer vision and robotics software, also allows for automatic hitching to the tow vehicle and remote-controlled parking and maneuvering, skillfully navigating into tight spots once it’s unhooked from the hitch.

It’s like a smart home on wheels – integrating total control of the RV experience through the Pebble App. On it, users can not only manage the above tech features with the push of a button but also interior features like lighting, temperature and door locks as well as status monitoring of water tank levels, energy consumption and battery state of charge. The Pebble Flow is also equipped with an efficient and quiet HVAC system and is plug-and-play ready for Starlink, ensuring digital nomads stay connected and comfortable no matter where the journey takes them.

The travel trailer is designed to have everything needed for space efficiency, flexibility and comfort. Many features are dual-purpose, like the Room Flip with a retractable Murphy bed that will allow for a transition from leisure time to work time in a matter of seconds, or the removable induction cooktop for inside or outdoor cooking.

As the most technically advanced travel trailer on the market developed by Apple, Tesla, Rivian, Zoox and Volvo veterans, the Pebble Flow aims to bring the ease of use of an iPhone to the RVing experience.

At CES, attendees will be able to check out the Pebble Flow with a full tour at booth #7023 in the West Hall.

The Pebble Flow has a starting price of $109,000 and is expected to ship by the end of 2024. Preorders are available at with a $500 fully refundable deposit.

If you are interested in revolutionizing the industry and creating the best possible RVing experience with the most advanced technology, the Pebble team is hiring. Learn more about the company, the team and see the current open positions.

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