TOYOTA Opens First Penghu Warranty Station

In recent years, as the pace of life has quickened and digital tools have become more widespread, “convenience” has emerged as a key consumer demand. Recognizing this trend, TOYOTA launched a new after-sales service channel called “Warranty Station” in 2019. This initiative, inspired by the concepts of community base and local good neighbor, focuses on providing fast and convenient repair and maintenance services. During the pandemic, the demand for convenience surged due to increased reliance on delivery and online shopping. In response, TOYOTA accelerated its efforts, expanding the network to over 100 warranty stations.

As TOYOTA extends its service reach on the main island, it has also targeted outlying areas. Penghu County, for example, previously relied on partnerships with local businesses and designated stores for car warranty services. However, with the growing number of vehicles in Penghu County—now surpassing 6,000 TOYOTA cars and holding the highest market share—the need for dedicated service has become evident. To meet this demand, TOYOTA established service bases on outlying islands, inaugurating the “Penghu Warranty Station” on June 19. This new facility, spanning nearly 700 square meters, offers comprehensive vehicle services, including new car delivery, maintenance, and bodywork painting. The Penghu Warranty Station, the industry’s first outlying island factory service base, underscores TOYOTA’s commitment to customer service.

Moreover, TOYOTA is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility. The local dealer, Gaodu Auto, signed an “Industry-Academic Cooperation Memorandum” with the Penghu Maritime School. This agreement provides professional auto repair training courses and practical opportunities for students, aiming to nurture skilled automotive professionals in the Penghu region through close industry-academia collaboration.

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