Gradiant Unveils alkaLi Powered by EC 2 Technology, the Cutting-Edge Solution for Battery-Grade Lithium Production

Gradiant, a leading global provider of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, has announced the spin-off of alkaLi™ into an independent company focused on accelerating the production of battery-grade lithium. alkaLi harnesses the power of EC2, the world’s sole integrated solution for refining, concentrating, and converting battery-grade lithium.

With the rising demand for lithium driven by electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and portable electronics, EC2 introduces a groundbreaking approach to rapidly scale lithium production. Key features of EC2 include just-in-time production in seconds rather than years, a 50% reduction in operating expenses (OPEX), and zero capital expenditures (CAPEX). It leads the industry in sustainability with minimal carbon and water footprints, alongside streamlined approval processes to meet global lithium demands. The system is meticulously balanced and adaptable to various input sources.

alkaLi’s EC2 comprises a highly modular three-stage system capable of processing the broadest range of input sources to date, including brine, evaporation, and recycling. It can integrate seamlessly with existing field infrastructure and offers the option of utilizing SmartOps AI to optimize production. EC2 has undergone rigorous bench and field testing, validated commercially in partnership with SLB in 2023. alkaLi continues Gradiant’s flexible business model, providing manufacturers a zero-capex solution where alkaLi constructs, owns, and operates the facility.

Prakash Govindan, Chief Operating Officer of Gradiant, emphasized, “Beyond water security, Gradiant is committed to holistic environmental solutions, including advancing lithium production efficiency to electrify society and reduce fossil fuel dependency. With lithium scarcity a pressing issue, spinning out alkaLi is crucial to scaling up production efficiently.”

Technical Director Siva Kumar Kota added, “Gradiant stands apart as a technology-driven company, not solely focused on water. EC2, powered by our innovative RO Infinity counterflow reverse osmosis technology, significantly reduces energy and water consumption while pushing concentration limits near saturation, minimizing environmental impact.”

alkaLi’s EC2 sets new benchmarks in lithium extraction, concentration, and conversion, optimizing efficiency and sustainability across all stages:

Extraction: Utilizes synthetic resins and advanced membranes to surpass industry standards, maximizing lithium yield for downstream efficiency. A secondary stream with lower lithium content is directed to the CFRO unit during the concentration stage.

Concentration: Leveraging Gradiant’s award-winning CFRO technology, EC2 enhances system efficiency with significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional methods.

  • CFRO I: Concentrates lithium-rich streams to levels suitable for battery-grade conversion.
  • CFRO II: Processes lithium-depleted streams to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) below regulatory thresholds, expediting permitting processes.

Conversion: Concentrated lithium undergoes precipitation into battery-grade lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) or lithium hydroxide (LiOH).

alkaLi is actively seeking new partnerships to drive its innovative EC2 solutions forward.

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