Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK Provide Materials for High-Performance Concept Car

“Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK Introduce Advanced Materials in Toyota Fortuner-Based High-Performance Concept Car”

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) and its subsidiary ARRK Corporation (Osaka; President & CEO: MOROZUMI Naoki) have unveiled their latest collaboration: materials developed jointly for a high-performance concept car based on the Toyota Fortuner platform. The innovative components include direct pellet-fed 3D-printed parts co-developed by Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK, alongside TAFNEX™ CF/PP—a polypropylene resin sheet reinforced with unidirectional carbon fiber, also developed by Mitsui Chemicals.

This cutting-edge technology is featured in the TOYOTA Hyper-F CONCEPT, crafted by TCD ASIA CO., LTD. (Bangkok, Thailand; President: KAWAZOE Takayuki). The vehicle, designed with insights from TCD ASIA’s motorsport expertise, emphasizes exceptional road handling and aerodynamic performance. The integration of these new materials has significantly reduced the car’s weight, enhancing its agility and efficiency.

The TOYOTA Hyper-F CONCEPT will be showcased at the Bangkok Auto Salon 2024 and the Bangsaen Grand Prix 2024. Highlighted applications include TAFNEX™ CF/PP in decorative elements like the front bumper and hood air vents, while direct pellet-fed 3D-printed components are featured in the hood air duct bezels.

The direct pellet-fed 3D printing technology, a result of partnerships with Dreams Design Corporation and ExtraBold Inc., enables rapid, cost-effective production of large-scale components. This approach leverages Mitsui Chemicals’ polyolefin-based composite technology, offering flexibility in design and supporting sustainable practices through material recycling.

TAFNEX™ CF/PP, known for its lightweight properties and customizable aesthetics, exemplifies Mitsui Chemicals’ commitment to advancing automotive and industrial applications. Its versatility extends to applications such as reinforced molded parts and laminated sheets, catering to diverse consumer and industrial needs.

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